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Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/26/2021: Final HOH Part 1

Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/26/2021: Final HOH Part 1

Tonight is the penultimate episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23. Big D, Xavier and Azah are in the top three and are making history with the first all African American final three. The show will also see its very first African American winner.


Before we get down to business, we get each of the final three sharing memories about their time on the show. They all remember the good, the bad and the crazy that got them to this very moment.


HOH comp! They are all on moving  boats and being sprayed with water in the air.  The last one standing wins.


Azah looks like she fell asleep on it, while Big D is screaming in delight over how much fun he is having.


As the competition goes on, they get hit with other things, including sharks. Big D freaks out over the sharks, but still seems to be having a blast.


Big D is out after holding on for 19 minutes.


Azah falls off at 26 minutes.


Xavier wins and is automatically in the next part of the competition.


Big D and Azah will face off in the second competition for HOH, leaving one of them facing off against Xavier for the final HOH.


The two of them are nervous and wonder how things will play out in the end.


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Finale Wednesday, stay tuned!




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