Unsolved Mysteries Recap for Body in Bags

Unsolved Mysteries Recap for Body in Bags


The episode opens with a 911 call. A woman calls in, saying that her guys mowing the lawn on interstate 75 found a heavy, tied up sleeping bag. They thought it could have been a dog or a child, but it ended up being a dismembered lower portion of a body. The rest of the body was missing.



Elton D. Carter sits in an auditorium, where the memorial service was held for his son David. The room had been packed and video montages were played in his honor.


David had been 39 when he was killed and remembered as a fun, yet serious guy who was filled with life and love. His family and friends admired his work ethic and determination and the fact that he was devoted to his son DJ. His ex described him as a loving father and said that he was good at co-parenting when they broke up.


David’s sister Tasia remembers meeting his new girlfriend Tammy, who was also friends with David’s friend Angela. They had all gone to school together, but it was a surprise to Angela that David and Tammy ended up together. DJ thought that there was a possibility the two would marry.


Tasia remembers the two of them being happy, but she felt Tammy was too possessive, as did Elton.


On September 20th, 2018, David’s ex Samia recalled getting DJ ready to go see David when she got a text from David, saying he was sick, canceling the visit. Since DJ needed a few things, he went over anyway, despite David saying he was sick. He had seen Tammy, but she ran away into the house. He had gone in, only to see Tammy acting strangely. He went to go see David, but she claimed that David went for a walk. DJ thought this was unusual, but left to go to his grandma’s.

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David’s friend Roger recalls the last time he saw David and how he failed to show up for work for several days. He called Tasia, who went to go check on him. Nobody answered the door, so she went to go in…only to find out that the door opened easily. She called the rest of the family, and they all go to investigate the place, where they find everything a mess….as well as a huge blood stain and evidence that the bed had been moved. Blood was also found on the bed, along with a hole in the wall and in the bed. Elton knew that this was a bullet hole, so they all file a missing persons report and make it clear that they think this is foul play.


A massive search begins and Tasia goes to question Tammy, who denied seeing David since that past Sunday. Tasia was very upset by her attitude, as was everyone else. She just acted as if everything was normal.


The next day, the sleeping bag in question was found and an autopsy is done. They found an unusual pit bull tattoo on the leg, which they were eventually able to connect to David.


His family recalls getting the news about the dismembered body being found and determining that it was David. Everyone was shocked and devastated to find out that their loved one was killed in such a violent way.


Tammy soon became a person of interest by the family. She was not only acting suspicious, but she had also slashed his tires several days before the murder after she found out he had gone to the movies with his cousin. Things got even crazier three days before the remains were found, when it seemed as if David and Tammy broke up. Tammy had stared Samia to the point where she thought she had seen the devil. Tasia thought Tammy was simply a very jealous person, but not capable of murder.

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Four days after the remains were found, DJ had a football game. He was determined to play despite everything going on in his life. He played in David’s honor that night and felt as if he was with him the entire time. His team won 64-0 that night.


On that same night, Tammy was arrested and considered a person of interest. However, the family’s joy was short lived because authorities did not have enough evidence to charge her with a crime.


Over the next several days, the rest of the body was found and there was a gunshot wound found in his head once the body was reassembled. There was also an antihistamine in his system, which could have made him drowsy enough to not know he was being attacked. Tasia thinks that Tammy could have shot him while he was asleep. Samia thinks that Tammy also sent the texts the night DJ was supposed to go to the house. Investigators think that the dismemberment was done in order to easily get rid of the body. It looked like it was separated by a kitchen knife, done slowly and carefully.


In January 2019, the family discovered that Tammy was on the run since October 2018. The US Marshals were soon on the case, hoping to catch her and bring her to justice.


Authorities were able to trace her to Ann Arbor to Chicago to New York and then the trail went cold on October 18th. Since authorities were not looking for her at the time, she was using her own name and money until that day.

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She has a large rose bouquet tattoo on her left  arm. She is five foot five, 190 pounds and 42 years old. She has been known to change her hair with wigs, colors and braids. There is a possibility she is working as a travel agent or in a hospital, possibly taking blood. It is also inferred that she is getting help financially and has someone giving her shelter. She also always has had a man in her life, so it is possible she is in a relationship.


DJ wonders what would have happened if he went into his dad’s room that night.


The search is still on for Tammy (aka Tamera Williams) and will not stop until she is caught.


The family still wants justice and also blame Tammy for Tasia and David’s mom dying, since the heartbreak caused her to stop going to her cancer treatments, eventually killing her.


David is going to East Michigan, where he still plays football and working on keeping David’s clothing company alive.


There is a $10,000 reward for the capture of Tamera Renee Williams.


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