ICYMI: Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 5/10/2023

ICYMI: Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 5/10/2023

ICYMI: Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 5/10/2023

-Ken and Lisa are so sweet and cute with their animals. I love how they got Diamond a new friend after Rose died.

-I love seeing Scheana as a mom. It is obvious she loves Summer and the mommy life more than anything and she seems to be a good mommy to boot.

-Seeing Ariana’s reactions pre-Scandoval make me wonder if she suspected something was going on, but was in complete denial over it.

-I honestly don’t think James and Ally are completely into each other at all….I think it is a relationship of convenience….he is trying to get over Raquel and she gets a boyfriend and the benefit of being on the show. Win-win. I’m not saying she is in it for the money, but I think it is an added benefit.

-They showed Raquel buying the lightening necklace! Little did Charli know it was a signal to Sandoval…..she just thought her friend was buying good jewelry. As an aside, it isn’t even cute.

-I mean, I can see where Sandoval would think Ariana was annoyed with him, because the clips made that obvious….but 1. it is not an excuse to cheat, 2. you communicate and try and fix the problem and 3. it is normal in a relationship. Every couple has ups and downs, you just need to be willing to work on things.

-I am glad Sandoval and Ariana are talking, but they don’t seem to really be truly listening to each other. Again, it is no reason for him to cheat, but they both suck at communicating.

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-Something About Her looks sooooo amazing. I am so excited to check it out next time I am in LA.

-Lisa being tough with James and telling Ally to do the same is exactly what he needs to hear.

-This party for SFH is so sweet, especially with Katie’s mom being so proud.

-It is so obvious that these confessionals were filmed post-Scandoval and he is trying to save face.

-Teri telling Schwartz he blew it while still considering family is the most realistic thing I have seen this season.

-Raquel knows full well what is happening with Ariana and Sandoval during her conversation with Ariana….and it makes me so sick that she is pretending to be her friend through it all.

-I love Lisa and Lala’s relationship…it is like a mother/daughter kind of thing rather than a boss/coworker thing. Lisa is a good rock, mentor and role model for Lala.

-Raquel really needs to stop shoving her relationship with Schwartz in Katie’s face. They may not be together anymore, but it is gross and rude.

-Lala may have her problematic moments, but I love how she has Katie’s back.

-Teri is coming in HOT in this fight defending her daughter. GO TERI! Sandoval being angry over it shows what kind of person he is….he should know you never hurt someone’s child and expect them not to do anything. Teri was defending Katie like any mama would do.

-Lisa comforting Ariana is so sweet. She is turning into Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life with how she treats everyone.

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-Katie had every right to tell Raquel to go away….especially since Raquel was being so nasty to her. Schwartz not even having her back and forcing her to listen to an apology she doesn’t want was wrong. He should have told Raquel that they would talk later and finished up with Katie.

-Awe, they had a surprise cake for Lisa’s birthday!!


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