Vanderpump Rules Highlights for Baby, We’re Back

Vanderpump Rules Highlights for Baby, We're Back

Here are the highlights for the season nine premiere of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules: Baby, We’re Back.

  • It is so weird seeing the opening without Stassi, Jax, Kristen and Brittany.
  • The new TomTom manager Richardson is HOTTTTTT.
  • Is Lala putting breast milk in her coffee.
  • Ariana and Katie on a dog walking date is a whole mood.
  • Scheana is the sweetest, cutest TV mom.
  • The Toms joking about having a baby is funny, but it becomes sad when Schwartz talks about trying to have a baby with Katie. I hope they are able to have one soon.
  • Are the Tom’s seriously twinning?
  • Sandoval’s ‘stache makes him look like an evil TV villain.
  • I am so proud to see James take his sobriety so seriously.
  • Lisa may be supportive of James, but I love when she calls him out on his BS.
  • Scheana really does seem the happiest she has ever been with Brock and Baby Summer. I hope it all works out for her.
  • Lala wants Randall to milk her? WTF? Also her talking about how her baby sped out of her cookie was a bit….WTF.
  • I do have to say, I did enjoy Lala’s book, despite the toothbrush in the butt story.
  • Hearing Scheana talking about her miscarriage completely broke my heart. I understand why she was upset with Lala and Brock for not being there at the time.
  • Anyone who wishes a miscarriage on someone is disgusting in my eyes.
  • It is surprising Lala was invited to Scheana’s birthday party…I wonder if she will actually attend.
  • So far, I am not missing the OGs who left.
  • Do Tom and Ariana have a coffee machine in their bedroom?
  • Lisa’s house will always be my dream home.
  • Lisa’s son Max looks so much like my brother-in-law and has the same sweet personality.
  • Is James blaming a vitamin for his meltdown? I am proud of him for staying sober, but he needs to take accountability for his behavior.
  • I am shocked James didn’t toss him out of the house by his ear.
  • Wait, why did Max leave and James stay?
  • Katie doing Tom’s hair is reminding me of the Big Bang Theory episode when Penny did Sheldon’s hair.
  • Lala’s snarky narration of Scheana’s party is everything I never knew I needed.
  • I don’t understand what the magician dude did with the ring, but it would have been cooler if it were her proposal.
  • Ariana drinking from the wine bottle is a whole other mood.
  • James wanting to make his own Coachella is such a great idea.
  • If she starts clapping, throw her in the pool… line of the night so far.
  • I understand where Scheana is coming from, but her retaliation on Lala was definitely uncalled for….on so many levels.
  • Lala is another one who needs to own her actions and behavior.
  • I have no clue how Raquel stayed so calm during the Lala interaction and I cannot WAIT to see Charli go after her next week.
  • Ariana seems to love calling Lala out on her BS….and I am here for it!
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More next week, stay tuned!


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