Vanderpump Rules Highlights for Welcome to Rachella

Vanderpump Rules Highlights for Welcome to Rachella

Vanderpump Rules Highlights for Welcome to Rachella

Here are the highlights from tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules!


  • I legit thought Charli was talking to her doll head from beauty school, Buffy and NOT her boyfriend Corey.


  • Pickleball gives me flashbacks to high school gym class. Oddly enough, they are fun memories with my friends Shana, Dennis, Brian and Heather.


  • I have the exact same pajama sets as both Charli and Ariana.


  • James not missing being drunk speaks volumes about how serious he is about his sobriety.


  • I understand Tom feeling torn between Sandoval and Katie in a business sense, but seriously, he needs to talk with both of them and set things straight.


  • Brock looks like he is trying to enter a Fabio over 50 Lookalike Contest.


  • How the hell did Tom mistake his faux fur jacket for the bathroom and pee on it?


  • Raquel talking about being insecure about talking in front of groups is so relatable.


  • EW! The dare for Lala to put on the pee jacket is so gross….but it was hilarious to see her wash off with alcohol….or whatever that was.


  • Scheana and Brock’s relationship is….worrying.


  • James seems to be finally learning how to be a decent boyfriend when it comes to loving and supporting Raquel.


  • Katie threatening to not have sex with Tom over calling her a Karen was such a Karen thing to do.


  • I think both Toms need to learn how to listen to each other.
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  • I just realized Lisa and Ken weren’t in this episode at all.


  • Charli cleansing the room and herself is such a damn mood.


  • I had no idea there was so much drama with Brock and his ex.


  • Lala getting emotional about the idea of not seeing Ocean shows how much she has grown as a woman and mom.


  • Rachella looks like so much fun….and Raquel has no idea what is about to happen.


  • That was such a sweet proposal and it was so cute seeing James so nervous. He planned that all so well. ]


  • Wait….NO ONE KNEW he was going to propose?


  • Congratulations to the happy couple!


More next week, stay tuned!


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