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Masterchef Recap for 8/2/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/2/2023

-This week, each region gets a mystery box for all of them to share.

-The box contains a chicken that one person must divide between everyone in the region. If they mangle it, they will have to make do since they will not get another one.

-Jennifer chooses the Midwest to start ten minutes later than everyone else. This upsets the team since they worked together and helped the South win the previous challenge.

-The teams divide the chickens among themselves and begin to cook dishes that represent their region and talent.

-The Midwest finally gets to begin and they feel the stress of starting so late.

-I don’t know who said he needed liquor to drink, but I am with him on that!

-The judges walk around to see where each cook stands and to offer them advice when needed.

-Several of the cooks seem to be struggling and they are all nervous at the end when the judges taste each dish.


Top dishes:

-Brynn: Her chicken cacciatore is delicious and has great flavor even though it didn’t use the part of the chicken traditionally used in the dish.

-Kendal: His BBQ chicken is exceptional, moist and delicious. The sauce is so good that Chef Ramsay takes the rest of it home with him.

-Grant: His chicken marsala is a ‘home run.’

-Kennedy: Her crispy chicken thigh is simple but thought provoking.

-Kennedy wins the immunity pin! She and the West team are all safe. Lizzie is relieved because her dish was the worst in her region.

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Worst dishes:

-Purvi: Her butter chicken looks dull and is a complete mess all around.

-Jennifer: Her roasted chicken breast looks strange, and the risotto side is overcooked.

-Sarah: Her chicken roulade is dry and cooked incorrectly.

Sarah is eliminated…..and in another twist……Purvi is also sent home.


More next week, stay tuned.



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