ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for The Liberation of Erika Jayne

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for The Liberation of Erika Jayne

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for The Liberation of Erika Jayne

Last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picked up where we left off at Sutton’s Parisian luncheon. Erika had just arrived, with her friends and fellow housewives very worried about her amid the divorce.


The ladies seem happy to see her and give her lots of hugs and a cocktail. Kyle wonders how to handle things and what they should say and I wonder where this sympathy was for Denise last season?

Sutton invites the women to eat, so they all take their assigned seats. The conversation is light and filled with banter and laughter. As they eat, they are served caviar at the table, per Kathy’s request.

Erika finally begins to talk about the divorce and all she gave up, including her house and car. She even left Tom without letting him know….she just dropped him off at work and left.

The ladies tell her she is brave and that they will support her through it all. Lisa, however, wonders if the fight will get viscous.

During dessert, Erika continues to talk to the ladies about what is going on in her life, while Kyle and Dorit put an end to their own drama. They go on to discuss the Crystal/Sutton debacle, because that is exactly what you do when you’re company on someone’s home…gossip about them.

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The next day, Garcelle meets with a matchmaker and gives him all the qualities she wants and does not want in a man. She wants a sweet, sexy, monogamous man who is not too big. Although she does not specify what type of big…a Mr. Big or other anatomy that is big?

The matchmaker then goes over patterns in her relationship and helps her realize that she needs to let go and allow a man to have her back.



Erika’s creative director Mikey and assistant Laia help her move in and put together her new house. She has ideas on what she wants and seems to have chosen Blanche Deveroux wallpaper. As she goes through her new house, she reflects on her new life and how it is quite frightening.

Mikey helps her convert a spare bedroom into a new closet while Erika talks about how her marriage fell apart and some of the things Tom said and did to her during that time.



Sutton gets a mammogram, even though she is terrified. She never had one done before, so she has Kyle go with her so she can keep calm.

Luckily, everything is fine!

As they wait for the doctor, Kyle brings up the drama Sutton has with Crystal, because that is what you do in a doctor’s office. Sutton tells her side of the story, but wishes the topic would drop already.



Erika and Lisa enjoy hot toddies together. Lisa is excited that her lip line is launching and happily shares the news with Erika.

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However, the mood changes when Erika once again brings up the divorce and talks about how Tom was always in charge. She actually served him right after she took him to work and he treated her like his employee rather than his wife. She admits she is scared, especially because he is a lawyer and she is the one who left.



Crystal is hosting a dumping party so she can teach the women how to make one of her favorite foods. She has special, personalized gifts for everyone and is quite excited for everything.

After everyone arrives, they chat around a fire over drinks. Kyle apparently gave Erika an oil she used on her vajayjay and Garcelle wants some for herself. I have no clue what to do with this information.

Sutton and Crystal again bring up the Tahoe debacle and why it is constantly being mentioned. They agree that this is the end of it for now, but the other women keep talking about it.

However, Sutton is still upset over the fact that Crystal called her manic and thinks she is a high school mean girl.

The ladies cook dumplings and eat, finally enjoying each others’ company.

More next time. Stay tuned.


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