The Bachelorette Recap for 12/21/2020: Fantasy Suite Night

Tonight is Fantasy Suite Night on ABC’s The Bachelorette. It is also the penultimate episode of the season, which means we are that much closer to seeing Tayshia hopefully find her happy ending with Ivan, Brendan or Zac.


After Chris Harrison talks to the men and Tayshia talks to JoJo, Ivan is sent on date number one. The two of them are in an ice bath where they must also set the record for the longest, coldest kiss. The set the record and then some because of course they do. It is 6:35, for anyone keeping track at home.


Later on, they have dinner and he declares his love for her. This leads to him getting the Fantasy Suite and enjoying a night alone and away from the cameras.


The next morning, they are dead tired from spending the night talking. They are able to enjoy breakfast together before saying goodbye. She says they learned a lot about each other and had an

incredible night together.


Ivan goes back to where he is staying with the guys and talks about his overnight with Tayshia. However, his happiness is short lived when Zac goes on the next date.


Zac’s date consists of them painting each other and rolling around on a white sheet. It reminds me of the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny and Leonard did a similar date with his ‘dirty store’ gift. They call their masterpiece Clarky and the Queen before getting ready for dinner.

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At dinner, they talk about their relationship and love before deciding to spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite.


The next morning, they continue to enjoy time together, kissing and being sweet until it is time for him to leave. When he gets back to the guys’ suite, he shares that it was hard to leave in the morning, but doesn’t kiss and tell about anything else.


Brendan gets ready for the final date of the night. He is very nervous, but ready to spend the day with Tayshia. They meet up with Neil Lane and look at engagement rings, which is more or less an excuse for her to play Pretty Pretty Princess. It starts off fun, but then Brendan seems a bit disconnected, making Tayshia frustrated.


During dinner, the two of them talk and he tells her he is not ready to be engaged to her and right now he is not her guy. She says she was able to picture a life with him, making the situation that much harder for him. However, he decides to leave her and the show behind.


The next day, Rachel Lindsay comes to have a woman to woman talk with Tayshia about where she stands with her final two and how she left things with Ben. While this is happening, Ben is back, having a heart to heart with Chris. He is finally ready to share his feelings with Tayshia. He regrets not saying anything to her on the hometown dates and plans to do it now.

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As Tayshia gets ready for the penultimate rose ceremony, Ben arrives to her room to talk. He finally declares his love for her, which leaves her lost, confused and unsure of what to do next. She goes to talk to Chris, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens on the finale!

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