Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 5: The Night He Came Home

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 5: The Night He Came Home

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 5: The Night He Came Home

Halloween 1999 

  • The moms are Zombie Spice Girls.Tthey are daring Angela to throw a bag of dog poop at the front door of someone’s house as part of their initiation for her to be their friend. No one is worth having to go through an initiation just to be friends with them.


  • They give her a jack-o-lantern mask to wear so she won’t be recognized, but after Angela throws the poop bag the girls are all driving off, leaving her to once again get into trouble alone. These girls are the worst.

Present Day

  • Two days before Halloween, the girls are together in the cafeteria ,talking about how all of this goes back to their moms. Mouse wants to tell someone, but the girls don’t think it’s a good idea not until they understand why it is happening to them.


  • Imogen says Angela isn’t mentioned in her mom’s diaries and she needs to go back and look for more clues at her house.  The girls agree to help. Mouse you are adorable getting excited for the walkie talkies.


  • The girls are back at Imogen’s house looking for anything to tie their moms to Angela.


  • While Tabby’s down in the basement, she sees a trunk. Before she can look at it, they all get called to the living room. Faran has found burned papers in the fireplace. Imogen wants to keep her house and the girls all say they will buy it together. Because high-school kids can pay a mortgage.
  • Faran and Henry are at Faran’s she asks if Kelly has a scar and she does. Henry still isn’t convinced because  anything could have caused it.
  • Next, we see Mouse video chatting with an older man. He was worried she wasn’t on for a few weeks and afraid she ghosted him. He wants to meet her in person. We learn Mouse reached out to him and they can meet for dinner where no one will see them.


  • Mouse asks him to take her trick or treating since she has never been allowed to go. He agrees because Rachel used to love going. Mouse is looking at a missing person flyer of a girl named Rachel Bowers. Who is she? Why is Mouse talking to her dad? Do Mouse and Rachel look alike or is that just me?


  • Mouse says she needs a costume and asked for ideas Rachel will like. I’m so creeped out….this scene made me sick to my stomach.


  • Imogen is remembering her mom saying she should have a baby shower because she would get lots of presents and cash. This is how the girls will save the house. they will throw a party.
  • Back to Faran……she talks to Madam Bunhead. I don’t even want to know her name because she is so awful. She tells her what she thinks about Kelly actually being Karen. Why? Faran, keep it to yourself, especially don’t tell this lady. Of course, she thinks what Faran is saying is ridiculous and the reasons for Kelly’s scar is from self-harm.
  • The girls love Imogen’s idea, but Mouse says she can’t go she had to do inventory for her mom’s shop. She will try and go because Ash wants to see her. Noa suggests they should charge for pizza and drinks at the party, thinking this will help them start payments for the house.
  • Tabby goes to her old jojobg to get her paycheck. She confronts Wes on how he treated her and how it was inappropriate to use the flash drive to get her in his house. He apologizes and says he never meant for her to feel that way.  He cares for her but not like that, and convinces her to come back to her job.
  • Mouse is having dinner with her moms and tells them how she is going out for Halloween to a party with Ash. Elodie s unsure about her going,  but her other mom Shirley says she can. Mouse fights for her curfew to be 10:30 because she just wants to be a normal 15-year-old. Why is Elodie like this what happened to make her so overprotective?
  • It is finally Halloween! Imogen is setting up for the party. Tabby is working at the movie theater, putting out popcorn when Tyler tries to take it without paying.  This leads him to recognize Tabby for being the one to leak the video of Karen and almost getting him in trouble. He asks for a cherry coke when she says there is no cherry only regular, he makes the sick joke if Tabby has her cherry still. I know football players are always shown as the jerks, but this is a little much.
  • Mouse got a bunch of costumes and is taking pictures to see which costume she should wear when she is being Rachel. This is very concerning. I really hope this guy doesn’t hurt Mouse…..or vice versa?! You never know.
  • Kelly and Faran are at Pinball Pizza talking about Karen and everything that happened. Faran sees the cut on Kelly’s hand and asks if she did it to herself. Kelly tells Faran not to say anything to anyone.
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  • Faran wants to be there for Kelly and tells her she can always talk to her and invites her to Imogen’s party.
  • It is party time. Tyler is there and runs into Tabby.  She starts talking about how he goes to a lot of parties and if he was at the one in the woods with the bonfire. He admits to being at parties in the woods but not with a bonfire.


  • She calls him a garbage person and to stay away from her and her friends. Tyler agrees and from the look on her face, has no idea why she is freaking out at him. He’s a jerk and yes, a garbage person but maybe he isn’t the one who assaulted Tabby, but he definitely could be.
  • Mouse is in a motel with Steve. This is some kind of sick role playing for him to pretend Mouse is his daughter. He even asks to see her report card. Sick, just sick.  I really hope this is the only episode they do this. I am so uncomfortable watching this. I mean, maybe it’s helping him grieve but it is creepy. Oh, and never go to a motel or hotel with some random person from the internet.
  • Back at the party, we see the Masked Stalker going into Imogen’s basement because he has a key to the collet door lock.


  • We see him go to the trunk Tabby found earlier and it is filled with pictures of Angela and the moms. It has the teddy bear and the jack-o-lantern mask, which they put on. If only Tabby looked in the trunk.
  • Mouse is trick or treating as Wendy from Casper meets Wendy. She and Steve go trick or treating holding hands when Steve says she can call him dad. Nothing that happens in this storyline is okay.  I want to cry it is making me so uncomfortable. That being said, that is what makes a good horror show/movie.
  • Back at the party, the Masked Stalker is upstairs, and Imogen runs into him. (Not knowing it is them because he switched masks) She calls him an asshole and to go downstairs. He walks up to her and leaves without doing or saying anything. When he goes downstairs we see him watching Faran and Henry kiss on the stairs. Loving the fact Henry is Marty McFly.
  • Steve and Mouse are in his car and he is telling her not to eat Reeses because she is allergic and candy apples can have razor blades. Mouse tells him it’s 9:55 and she needs to go to the party.
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  • He asks to drive her because he wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to her. She agrees but if he drops her off a block away because it will be bad if people saw them together.


  • He starts crying and apologizing to Rachel, asking her to forgive him. Mouse says it is okay I forgive you dad. Way too much to unpack here. I will add my thoughts at the end, but I definitely think there is more to this.
  • We are back at the party Imogen gets a call from someone she contacted about Angela, but the call disconnects. We see the Masked Stalked watching Imogen as this happens.


  • Faran sees Kelly making out with Greg and she is 100% convinced she is Karen.


  • Meanwhile Mouse’s mom (or momster as she saved in her phone) is blowing up her phone with texts, worried. Mouse is over it and says she is fine.  She blocks her mom and goes to find Ash, who is an amazing Freddie Mercury.


  • Tabby is talking to Chip outside about their film. he talked to their teacher, and they can redo it so Tabby can film it in her vision. Chip even agrees to be the murder victim. I think he really cares about Tabby I hope he is a good guy.


  • Faran confronts Kelly about he kissing Greg and how she is Karen. She tells her Karen was the one who called her Girl and people don’t become better dancers overnight. She calls her out on everything she observed and says she thinks she is Karen and that Kelly is the one who died.


  • Kelly freaks out, saying Kelly can be the good dancer and have the hot boyfriend and why does it have to be Karen who gets all of that. Faran tells her how they think someone pushed Karen and if Kelly really did die, she can be the one in danger. Faran I am loving this scene, but this is going to backfire big time.


  • Tyler goes up to Mouse and calls her a Teletubby. He then asks if she wants to see his Tinky Winky. Insert eye roll, so original, Tyler.


  • He brings her a drink and the girls tell him to leave her alone. This turns into Tyler and Greg harrowing the five girls and Tabby going off on Tyler and Greg.
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  • She calls Greg out of how him being naked while they were trying to film her scene is assault and who knows what to Tyler would have done to Karen of Imogen didn’t stop him.


  • Tyler continues with his racist and sexist comments toward Tabby and Faran. Tabby, who has had enough punches him in the face and breaks his nose. He goes up to the bathroom and who follows but the Masked Stalker, who strangles and kills him. The party is ending, and we see the Masked Stalker putting Tyler’s body in their van.
  • The girls all slept at Imogen’s house. As Imogen cleans, she remembers special moments with her mom as she walks through her house. Watching movies, doing each other’s nails and when she told her mom she was pregnant.


  • The person who called the night before about Angela calls back saying he knew her mom, Angela and Angela’s family and they should meet.
  • Mouse goes home and Shirley is waiting for her, not happy she was out all night. Mouse says she need a night for her, and she is sorry.  She says what happened was scary for everybody, but it happened to her.


  • She adds that feels like she is constantly being punished for it and that he is never coming back.


  • She then goes to her room and prints a picture of her and Steve.  She puts them in a box with other pictures of her and Steve.


  • In a box with other pictures, we see pictures of her and another man. Was it Steve in those original pictures or someone else I honestly couldn’t tell. I am pretty sure it is someone else.
  • Faran gets a call from Madam Bunhead and because of what happened to Kelly she is no longer the Black Swan or allowed to talk to Kelly.


  • We then see Kelly kneeling by her mom telling her the good news that she is the lead in the ballet. Her mom responds that ‘it’s great Karen.’ Kelly replies that she is Kelly and gets her mom her medicine.
  • Imogen goes to talk to Tabby and asks about the fight with Tyler. She wants to know what it was really about.


  • Tabby tells her about the party over the summer in the woods and that something happened to her. We learn that something happened to Imogen too. Our poor girls. I hope they get justice.

Final thoughts

  • Shawn better stay a good guy and not become a jerk like the other football players.
  • Mouse’s whole story creeps me out. What happened to her?  Did she get kidnapped on Halloween? Did she decide to help parents whose kids were kidnapped by pretending to be them? Who kidnapped her? Her dad?
  • Are we ever going to acknowledge the janitor that was murdered?
  • I am on the fence now about Kelly being Karen. They are making it super obvious. Maybe Karen was the favorite now Kelly is trying to be her to before loved?
  • My heart breaks for Tabby and Imogen.
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