Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for S1 E3: Aftermath

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for S1 E3: Aftermath
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Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for S1 E3: Aftermath

  • We start episode 3 with Imogen frozen in fear and shock from Karen falling. Tabby pulls her away and we see all 5 girls rushing out together. Kelly runs to her sister and Greg is freaking out. Um where are the teachers and principals? Why is no one helping? I’m not saying I would be freaking out, but someone other than Kelly should be trying to help.
  • As the girls leave, they are freaking out over what just happened .Tabby of course says “That sounds, it wasn’t like the movies” Uhhh, well that’s because its real life…well it’s TV for us but real life for them…. You get the point.
  • Imogen tells the girls that Karen had a bucket of paint movie references 1 (if you don’t count her previous line which I’m not) and how there was a masked man movie references 2.


  • Imogen tells the girls Karen was murdered.  All the girls go home, and their parents are hearing and asking what happened except Faran’s dad who is asleep one the couch. Kind of suspicious that Tabby’s mom said “and it was definitely Karen that died? Is this a hint that there was a twin swap?
  • Mouse, why lie and say you all left early and went for pizza? Tabby says that everyone is saying she did it on purpose and we have another quick flashback to the moms. Imogen says that maybe she fell.
  • Back at the Beasley household, the dad is interrogating Kelly and they are distraught beyond words. As dysfunctional as this family is my heart does break for them.
  • Tabby’s mom is over the sink, and we get a flashback of the moms right after the party and when Angela jumped.


  • Tabby’s mom (Sidney) is feeling guilty about how Angela asked for help, and she just ignored her, and Imogen’s mom (Davis) quickly says it wasn’t her fault and that  Angela was a messed-up girl. All the girls are trying to justify it and that it was okay they left, thinking someone would have reported it. Still, I think they should have called the police, even if it was an illegal party a girl died….give her some respect.
  • Back to present time, the girls are video chatting about what happened and how they can’t go to the police. They decide they will find the bucket and say it was all an accident.


  • Imogen knows it was murder by the Masked Stalker.
  • Imogen confessed that when her mom died, there was an A above the tub.  There was an A in the posters and now on the message. Karen gave the note… is she A or helping?


  • Imogen is now on a mission to find out about the Y2K party.
  • At the assembly for Karen, the Masked Stalker is under the bleachers ready to grab Imogen. It’s kind of risky, considering all the people….they would have been caught, but nope!


  • Sorry Masked Stalker, morning sickness comes first and fast. In the bathroom, Imogen confronts Kelly about the flyer. That’s distasteful, Imogen I get you have questions but that was not the time.


  • The girls are brought in and questioned about the video and why they showed it for everyone to see. This is a lot of he said she said, but sorry the girls were wrong. The video was a horrible idea.


  • Imogen is trying to explain how Karen was going to pour paint on her, but there was no bucket to be found. Why would the Masked Stalker take it?
  • We get to see the parents’ reaction to what is going on. Faran’s mom (Corey) comes and she is badass trying to find out what is going on. We know she is in Pittsburgh and Faran seems to have some resentment toward her not being with her in Millwood.
  • Mouse’s moms (Elodie) seem overprotective, taking away all her electronics including her secret stash!? What kind of secrets do you have Mouse?
  • Noa’s mom (Marjorie) is concerned about her being on probation and how this will affect her for the worst. She could go to jail! Damn, Noa!
  • Tabby’s mom (Sidney) is taking away everything….no more job, no more making movies, no more watching movies well there goes her whole existence. But that isn’t who Sidney raised. Not to get preachy, but I do like how it shows you don’t know how your bullying can affect someone….clearly you didn’t think about your actions.


  • Uh-oh there is more than one copy of the video… well let’s hope that they have it.
  • The moms are all together…. in Davis’s house….. where she died…..having coffee. Um, I’m all for gal pal coffee talk but that seems a little inappropriate. Isn’t there a Starbucks or coffee house they can go to, or I don’t know one of their houses? Yes, Sidney is selling it but still it’s a little soon.
  • Elodie is definitely thinking something is up. It seems too coincidental that it’s all of their girls. They are going to talk to the principal and sheriff to make sure the girls don’t get in trouble. Go, team moms.
  • Imogen wants to see her mom’s yearbook because she misses her. While looking she sees Y2K Survivor’s Club:  Myers Being, Deanna Newman, Laura Green, Brenda James and you don’t see the last member, but it is a guy. Who are these people and how do they connect with the moms? Is the Y2K Survivor’s club the new NAT? Is one of these girls Mrs. Beasley or A or the Masked Stalker? So many questions.


  • Imogen then goes to look up old newspaper articles and discovers a girl’s body was found at an abandoned warehouse.
  • Sidney and Corey take on the sheriff and principals about the video and how the girls aren’t the only ones to blame.  It doesn’t look good for the girls. The moms want Tyler to be blamed for his actions, as well as Karen.
  • Noa meets Shawn in the locker room, and he found out about her failing her drug test. He accuses her of using again. Noa swears she didn’t and storms out.
  • Tabby and Chip are talking about the other copy of the video that “doesn’t exist.” He left it in the projection room at the theater. Way to go Chip, now Creepy Wes probably has it.
  • Imogen follows the article and goes to the abandoned warehouse 1) never do this alone 2) never do this alone pregnant.


  • The place has definitely been vandalized. An ominous warning on a car outside the warehouse reads ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here’ As Imogen enters, she sees it is a shrine to Angela. An abandoned van has Angela Waters rest in peace, but the peace is X’d out. Could Angela be alive?


  • Looking at the shrine, Imogen hears the doors slam shut. As she looks down, she sees a boom on top of a teddy bear (the same teddy bear from the intro), the book is The Scarlett Letter and what letter is it? A. When she opens it, she sees the only person who took out that book was Angela Waters.
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  • Someone is coming, so Imogen hides in the van. Masked Stalker comes in, but leaves as soon as they hear a dog barking. Is this where they live?
  • Oh, Sheriff Beasley, why are you a creep, leave Noa alone. He wants Noa to turn against her friends and put the blame on them by blackmailing her  and saying that she had the most to lose. He wants her to get Mouse and Faran to turn on the others as well.
  • Back at the movie theater with Creepy Wes, we learn he does in fact have the other copy of the video and he will give it to Tabby if she goes to his house for dinner. RUN AWAY TABBY JUST RUN AWAY!
  • Imogen tells Tabby about Angela, the accident and how her body wasn’t found tuntil much later. No one said anything, no one called, not even the D…. he was at least an adult.


  • While the girls are talking about Angela and how Imogen thinks A was there. They plan to go back when Kelly texts Imogen that she is invited to Karen’s funeral. I know you were former BFFs, but you are being accused for the reason she allegedly killed herself.  I would say that is a hard pass. We all know you are going to go but just say no, Imogen.
  • Noa meets with Faran and Mouse to turn against the others. The girls seem torn.  Mouse thinks it is A trying to see if they will turn against each other. Faran is all for putting it on the others because ‘well, are they really friends?’ I mean, are they? The did just start talking because they all got detention for something they didn’t do and now are being blamed for Karen’s death? Is this a solid base for friendship? I still don’t think they should turn on each other they need to stick together.
  • Tabby and Imogen go to the warehouse and setup Tabby’s infamous video camera and who walks in but Sidney.  She comes by to pay her respects to Angela every now and then.
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  • Sidney takes the girls for pizza and tells them the story of her death. How she was damaged, unlucky and lived with a mentally ill mother. When she jumped, everyone left and no one called for 2 days. How was there no evidence of the party, everyone ran out and cleaned up at the same time?


  • Imogen shows the Y2K flyer to Sidney and thinks she killed herself over the guilt overAngela. Sidney assures her that Davis was the nicest one of them. Yeah, not from what we have seen she is the mean girl…dare I say the Ali of the moms.
  • Tabby leaves to go and get her paycheck aka dinner with Creepy Wes. Why why why! He is 36. He gives her wine and talks about dinner and movies. Tabby tries to ask about the flash drive with the movie but he is forcing her to stay saying she will get it after dinner. I don’t know how many times I have to say this run, Tabby.


  • Tabby has had enough and when Creepy Wes is cooking, she finds the flash drive and leaves. Why do I think this is not so easy that is not the copy?
  • Shawn goes to see Noa. He just wants to know if she is using and why she failed the drug test. She tells him the truth that no one knows she never did drugs and the drugs were her mom’s. HER MOMS! Really Marjorie you are going to do that to your daughter?


  •  Was she selling them or using them? Noa felt she had no choice her mom would have lost everything and they are all the other has.
  • Imogen went to the funeral. Mrs. Beasley is losing it with grief (understandable) when she sees Imogen she lets out all her fury on her and Imogen’s baby, saying she hopes it is taken away like Karen was taken away from her. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing.
  • The girls are all together and decide if one of the goes down they all are. They are the 5 Musketeers one for all and all for one. Noa decides to flush the flash drive and get rid of it once and for all. I really, really hope they made sure it was the right flash drive!
  • Mr. Beasley is drunk, Mrs. Beasley is a fragile mess (which seems to come from more than just Karen’s death),  amd Kelly seems unstable and full of guilt. This family has some dark secrets.
  • All the girls and their parents are ready for the disciplinary meeting when they are told it has been postponed.  Kelly admitted that Karen was in the rafters because she wanted to harm Imogen and gave evidence. We do not know what the evidence is, but the death now looks accidental.
  • The moms and girls are out for pizza.  Each group at their own table , mom liars and daughter liars.  How sweet and full circle.


  • Sidney alludes that she and the moms were not nice girls when they were younger. She admits to them about the flyer Davis got right before she died and how the girls learned about Angela. She said she only told them what everyone knows to be the truth. Interesting choice of words Sidney…..very interesting.


  • They all wonder who sent the flyer but none of them got anything, so they aren’t worried. The girls want answers about what their moms are hiding. Who is Angela why do they feel guilty about what happened?
  • At Mouse’s house her mom gives back some of her electronics. She tells her how she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her and that she can’t go through that again. Go through what again? Did something happen to Mouse when she was younger?
  • Corey is back to Pittsburgh but not before she put Madam Bunhead in her place and gets Faran back in Ballet and to be the rightful black swan.
  • Imogen and Kelly meet up at a random swing set in the middle of a field and talk about what happened. Kelly confesses that it was her idea to have Karen pull a Carrie on her and that is why Karen died. My heart breaks for her as messed up as the Beasley twins are, I feel really bad for her.
  • Imogen and the girls go to Karen’s grave to apologize and pay their respects. Props to Faran for saying it as it is. Once all the girls have said their piece, they see the Masked Stalker watching them.
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Final thoughts:

  • There is so much that happens! So many questions.
  • Why did they ignore Angela?
  • What was the Y2K Survivor’s Club and who were those people in it?
  • Is Karen alive?
  • What happened to have Elodie so worried about Mouse?
  • Was that the right flash drive?
  • Will the moms get more threats?
  • Why is the Masked Stalker after the girls?
  • How did none of the girls know their moms were best friends in high school? It never got brought up or they never stopped and chatted at the grocery store? That just seems so weird to me.
  • Did something else happen to stop them from being friends?
  • Yet now they are having coffee and pizza like they never stopped being friends.

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