Masterchef Recap for 8/9/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/9/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/9/2023

-We are celebrating 250 episodes of Masterchef with cakes from all regions of the state.

-Kennedy assigns everyone their flavors of cakes. She gives the West easy ones but gives her rival Wayne the nine-layer cake. She is strategic with her choices, wanting to ensure her region is safe.

-The winner gets the immunity pin and will save their entire region.

-MD has a key lime pie and thinks she has this in the bag.

-Jennifer is excited to make her comeback with her banana split cake.

-Kolby worries about keeping his apple stack cake together since there is no icing to help.

-Wayne is determined to make the nine-layer cake work despite the doubts of everyone else. His batter ends up too thick it sets him back.

-Nina is mixing her batter by hand, which is pretty badass. She is determined to win the challenge for her and Brynn since they are the last ones standing in the Northeast.

-Lizzie’s cake is too raw and has the potential to be a disaster.

-Kolby is determined to win the challenge for his grandfather.

-Kyle thinks Kennedy targeted him on purpose.

-Lizzie is worried her cake might not cool on time since once of them is still baking.

-Kendal is having a panic attack because the cream for his Boston cream pie is too runny.

-Kyle struggles with his frosting, so he improvises and makes it into a cream cheese frosting.

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-Two minutes left and every single person seems to be struggling.

-The judges taste each cake and pick their favorites from each region.


Top Three:

-Brynn: Her red velvet cake is almost identical to the sample cake and despite being light on the filling, it is moist and delicious. (Northeast)

-Kolby: His apple stack cake is spot on and his best performance thus far. (South)

-Wayne: His nine-layer Smith Island cake isn’t quite identical to the sample, but it is delicious and a ‘miracle.’ (Midwest)

-Lizzie: Her berry cake has a perfect balance of flavor. (West)

Kolby wins the challenge and saves the South!


Bottom Three:

-Nina: Her German chocolate cake doesn’t match the esthetic of the sample and is too wet in the middle. (Northeast)

-Kyle: His Meyer lemon cake is a mess and missing lemon curd. (Midwest)

-MD: Her key lime pie is liquidy and just an overall disaster. (West)

Kyle is eliminated.


-More next week, stay tuned!


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