Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap and Thoughts for S1E1:  Spirit Week

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap and Thoughts for S1E1:  Spirit Week

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap and Thoughts for S1E1:  Spirit Week

December 31, 1999:

  • We see a New Year’s Eve party. We can assume the girls we see are the new Liars’ moms since the show is around the parents’ original sin.


  • Everyone seems to be ignoring a distraught girl named Angela. The way its filmed makes me think she was drugged but no one is helping her cries for help. Angela jumps to her death, leaving the girls left stunned and with blood pouring toward them.

Fast forward 22 years

  • The first Liar we meet Imogen, who is pregnant and in high school. I like that she has such a supportive mom and she seems excited for the baby. However, I disagree with her mom….ice-cream is the best source of calcium…. No, just me? Okay.
  • Next, we meet the obnoxious blonde who is the mean girl named Karen! Love it very 2021 HBO Max.


  • She and Imogen used to be best friends and now they hate each other because Imogen ‘she sucked her boyfriends…..face’ oh, I was thinking she was going to say…..well not that. Could this boyfriend Greg be Imogen’s baby daddy?


  • Right away, we are getting an A message.  Karen delivers a note that was left for Imogen’s mom Davis. It is a flyer from that party with a very A like note.


  • Karen and Imogen find Imogen’s mom bloody in a bathtub where she killed herself…..or did she? There is a bloody ‘A’ above her in the bathtub. Poor Imogen. RIP Davis


  • Tabitha (Tabby) the next Liar we meet. She is living with Imogen. This came up a little abrupt.  I’m assuming they were good friends but didn’t know their moms were friends in high school. I’m not saying you need your mom’s whole life story, but wouldn’t you know if your mom was friends with your friend’s mom, especially if your close enough to live with them after your mom dies???


  • It is spirit week when they get to school and because it is a teen show, Karen is running for Spirit Queen. Is this a thing? Is this like Homecoming Queen? Anyway, this is how we meet Noa and Mouse, both who shut Karen down in her attempt to get them to vote for her for Spirit Queen.
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  • Minnie (Mouse) seems to have social anxiety and part of the LGBTQ. She definitely has a sassy side I think she is going to be my favorite.


  • Noa has an ankle monitor and has to be drug tested every morning. What could she have done?


  • Faran the Prima Ballerina is Karen’s biggest competition in their ballet class, which is in school. Do schools even have these types of classes? It’s a public school.


  • The girls each start getting texts from A.  But for real, if I was Imogen and saw a freaky masked person outside looking in my classroom, I would scream and call attention to it. Good job Mouse for being smart and blocking a creepy text message.


  • Creepy janitor! It’s going to be the creepy janitor, it’s always the creepy Janitor.


  • Faran’s mom is in Pittsburgh and apparently so traumatized by Angela’s death that she never goes back to Millwood.


  • Imogen is in the bathroom talking to some girl about what she is going to do with the baby.  Um, not your business! But we get a flash of Imogen on the beach with an empty liquor bottle, and we hear the girl saying the baby daddy is some lifeguard. So, it’s not Karen’s boyfriend Greg? Is this a new Board Shorts?


  • Noa has to go do community service and we find out Karen’s dad is the sheriff.  Of course, he is an A dirty sheriff at that. Really? Getting please by assuming a teenage boy while you’re supposed to be supervising community service. Poor Noa is just trying to tell him that there is that creepy masked person again watching but nooooo this is what she finds.


  • Tabby is really filming the boys in the locker room? WHY? Is she trying to find someone or is she looking for something? Did someone do something to get her?


  • Ewww, Tabby’s creepy boss  Wes…….just say no. You don’t need a ride home, go with Chip your classmate and coworker he seems sweet ,not the creepy boss. Of course, you let him drive you home and he parks the car to talk. Please let me know if you can hear me rolling my eyes and sighing in disgust.


  • Blah blah you told your old professors about her I’m so sure…..wait you’re the same age as Ari Aster you’re 36!!!! You’re 20 years older than Tabby! Girl, get out the car and run. Ok no don’t get out, the masked person is back…. But I wouldn’t be opposed to him taking out Wes he NEEEDS TO GO.


  • Faran you tell that ballet teacher to shove it up her butt! You can get into that school, you are a great dancer. She’s another one that can be taken out by masked stalker.


  • Mouse I’m glad you made a friend. Ash, you’re adorable. You definitely won Mouse over with your kindness and snacks because snacks are always important.


  • Karen is again trying to mess with everyone!  You really are uncomfortable and triggered by Imogen? Okay girl, get over yourself. I love how Imogen went after her with I’m going to be Spirt Queen and calling out Greg definitely high school drama at its max.


  • Karen is a twin! In true PLL fashion, we have a set of twins. Could this be a nod to the books, Ali and Courtney? At least we know about the twins and it’s not coming out last minute like Alex Drake.


  • Okay Greg, I kind of don’t blame you for kissing Imogen. Karen is the worst, dump her.


  • Faran, don’t go looking for the masked stalker alone stay in the room. How did he get in the school why is there no security? Also, I still don’t get the full-on dance academy type class in school.


  • Okay I take it back the creepy janitor comment.  He is protecting his school going after the masked stalker.  Their lair is in the school, how has that not been seen?


  • No……he just killed the janitor. That was way aggressive, okay Michael Myers. Oh no! I’m turning into Tabby with the movie references.


  • Destroyed posters, dead mouse, tampered drug test, blade in a ballet slipper. First off, why are these girls being accused so quickly, especially Faran? Well, now we are seeing the girls finally connect.
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  • A common enemy forms friendship, especially in high school. Imogen suggests they should kill Karen Beasley and they all seem into it. Oh, girls, what are you going to do?


All in all, I really enjoyed the first episode and there was a lot to unpack. There’s a lot that I like.

I enjoy that it’s darker and it definitely has a different feel. I am looking forward to next week. I can’t wait to get to know the girls better and the moms’ secrets and past.


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