Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 4: The (Fe)male Gaze

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 4: The (Fe)male Gaze
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Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Recap for Episode 4: The (Fe)male Gaze


  • Angela is smoking with Marjorie when a janitor comes and asks if they are smoking Marjorie says only Angela was smoking.


  • The janitor takes Angela away. We see it wasn’t just Davis that was mean to Angela. I wonder if Angela told the truth about the girls and that is why they ignored her at the dance.

Present day

  • Marjorie is working at the hospital there is a gift left for her. It is a bear with a shirt that says Mother Of The Year (red A and all) with a pill bottle belonging to a Katie (can’t make out the last name) Addict is written on the bottle on red.


Back to 1999

  • We see Marjorie giving Angela a gift to say thank you for taking the blame. It is the bear with a shirt that says BEST FRIENDS 4 EVER. We can assume it’s the same bear because of the creepy eyelashes.


  • We get a quick jump back to Marjorie in present time and hear her remembering saying “We are friends, right, Angela.”

Present day again

  • The girls are all in detention Imogen gets a call and she leaves saying it’s her doctor. Instead, it is Don Thompson who is the other member of the Y2K Survivor’s Club whose name we didn’t see last time. He tells her he wasn’t in her friends’ group, and when Imogen asks if he was friends with Angela Waters he replies “What would I know about Angela Waters” he seems to get very defensive and hangs up. Was everyone mean to Angela and feels regret? Maybe he feels guilty for never stopping how the girls treated her.


  • The girls are done with detention. It has been two weeks and no A texts.


  • Mouse is worried about their moms and if they should say anything about what happened to Karen.


  • Imogen says they need to find out what happened to Angela. She tells them how no one she has called wants to talk about her almost like she is an urban legend.  She is convinced Angela and A are connected because their moms knew them.  She also thinks since they are their daughters that is why A targeted them.


  • All the girls leave, except for Tabby, who says she forgot something in the “AV room.” She is really going to the boy’s locker room to get her camera.


  • Ty and Greg come in and Tabby hides in one of the stalls. They talk of Ty’s sex adventures with a girl name Trish. With all he said, could he be Imogen’s baby daddy? Or is he a lover making up stories. I really hope it’s the latter because he is definitely a loser.


  • Dinner time with Imogen, Tabby and Sidney, Sidney tells Imogen that a couple put an offer on her house. Imogen is upset and wants to know what will happen to her stuff and instead of sending in a crew she wants to go and get her things. She is definitely going to look for clues. I wonder what she will find. Maybe old photos or notes about Angela? That would be very 90’s early 2000’s if she found bunch of old notes that went back and forth between the girls preserved in the triangle and square fold. You know what I am talking about.


  • Film class with Tabby and Chip.  They are to pick a director from the list, pick a scene from a film they made and recreate it. They need to pitch the idea to the class and explain what they want to say from that piece. Okay did any high school have classes like this? Ballet and film class? I really want to know. My high school had some fun things but definitely not like this. I wonder if Chip will find Tabby’s locker room videos while working on this project.


  • We now see Kelly in the ballet room putting her stuff in Karen’s locker because she likes it better. Madam Bunhead tells Faran to work one on one with Kelly to get her back up to speed and because Kelly can use the distraction. Faran you are already an amazing dancer! Stay away from Kelly who I still think is Karen.
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  • Noa is running track and is out of shape, but at least her coach is supportive. Shawn is cheering his girl on looking so proud of who she is as a runner and as a person. Team Shawn 100% if anything happens or if he ends up being evil, I will cry. He is the sweetest.


  • Ace and Mouse are out in what looks like the town square. They are talking about Spectrum and how it is about being inclusive. He thinks Mouse should join or at least spend time with him.


  • He asks about her Halloween plans and mentions how the movie theater isn’t doing a showing this year.  Ace still wants to dress up as either Ziggy Stardust or Feddie Mercury. That is a hard choice love them both but definitely Freddie Mercury!! Mouse declines his invite to go to some parties because her moms don’t let her go out on Halloween, saying it is too dangerous. Ace is so cute he really wants to just spend time with Mouse he even suggests hanging at her house with her moms to give out candy.


  • Imogen goes back to her house to pack things up and she flashes back to when she was little and they first moved in. She is snapped back to reality when she hears a door. She grabs a flashlight and goes down to the basement and who is there under the stairs but the Masked Stalker. 1) Even if A stopped messaging you, you saw a girl get murdered don’t go anywhere alone, especially pregnant! You don’t know if this person is still out there. 2) Why is it the basement? No,  I would have left the house came back later with my friends and their boyfriends or guy friends end of story. BYE NO CREEPY BASEMENT FOR ME.


  • She is looking in the basement when she hears people.  She runs outside and it is the couple that put the offer on it. Imogen tries to sabotage the sale and says her mom was murdered there.


  • Sidney is pissed that the offer was taken back she tells Imogen her mom was in a lot of debt, and she hopes the sale will cover what she owed.


  • She also calls out Imogen for calling Don Thompson and how she has been calling around about Angela. Imogen says there a connection between Angela and her mom’s death and since Sidney won’t tell them anything she wants answers. The two go back and forth on if something is there or not and how Imogen needs to move on from Angela.


  • Chip and Tabby are discussing what scene they should do. Chip suggests a scene from Evil Dead. Tabby shuts that idea down saying the scene where the girl is basically raped in the woods ruins the movie for her. Chip seems confused because he thought she loved that movie.


  • They see who is on their list and this goes right into her film pitch. “Female victims murdered by masked male psychopaths.” She says this is what happens in almost all horror movies violence against women’s bodies by men is the foundation on many of these movies and it all started with Psycho.


  • Instead of a naked woman as the vulnerable victim they will do a vulnerable young man murdered by women. Murder from a female view. Tabby asks her friends who will be the star in her film as the female lead. Imogen is out because she is with child and Mouse doesn’t like horror films.


  • Noa asks where she is filming, and Tabby says the boy’s locker room but they need to break in at night to film. Again these girls just got accused of basically causing a girl’s death even if Karen was up there by her choice and have seen a Masked Stalker following them… why are you going to break into the school at night!
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  •  Noa turns that down fast….no B&E for her. Faran is the only one left she is curious on who the murder victim will be, and Tabby suggests her ballet hottie Henry. Faran says she can see herself dating Henry and rather not stab him to death. Greg comes into the cafeteria all arrogant and showing off. The girls all agree they found their man.


  • Tabby approaches him later and he calls her out for making the video of Karen. Tabby admits she regrets it. She tells him about her movie and says how he looks like Ryan Reynolds (ummmm no) and how she saw him showing off in the cafeteria. She asks if he wants to be in it. She explains the whole Psycho with a twist idea. He agrees and we have our male lead. Why do I think he is going to end up actually dead or hurt? Is A or Masked Stalker going to switch the prop knife with a real one?


  • Faran and Kelly are practicing. Kelly says Faran is a better dancer and doesn’t need her help. Faran tells Kelly how Karen said the only reason Faran is the black swan is because she is black. Kelly tries to gaslight Faran saying how Karen didn’t actually say that. Faran calls her out saying how she is just like Karen and the only reason Kelly is coaching her is because her sister died. Kelly leaves to do her own thing and tells Faran “You just be a queen, girl.” Where have we heard that before….. oh right when this whole conversation they are fighting about happened.


  • Noa is in Sheriff Beasley’a office, and he is taunting her about getting her ankle monitor off and how if she meets her probation requirements for 1 year her record is cleared if not there will be consequences. Poor Noa she literally didn’t do anything. After Noa and Shawn are at her house he makes it clear how he feels about Noa covering for her mom and what she is being put through.


  • Imogen is back at her house going through boxes. She finds a Ouija board she goes to Tabby and ask if they could hang out with the girls after school and try to contact her mother.


  • During their séance Imogen lets out her anger and hurt about her mom’s death. She yells how she hates her mom and is all alone. In aender moment, the girls assure Imogen she isn’t alone. Tabby quotes Chucky but in a cute way….friends ’til the end.


  • Henry confronts Faran about her practice session with Kelly, what she said about Karen and the only reason Kelly is helping her is because her sister died. He said Kelly improved and it’s like he is dancing with Karen again.


  • Faran thinks of all the things Kelly has said and done recently and how very Karen like they are. Faran is now practicing with Kelly she apologizes for how she acted and for what happened to Karen.


  • Sheriff Beasley does a home search to see if Noa is hiding any drugs.  He finds a cup of pills and when he asks what they are Marjorie quickly says they aren’t hers. Wow mom of the year. 


  • Noa says they are magnesium pills to help her sleep and to ask the school nurse who gave them to her. When he leaves Noa notices her mom clutching her purse and asks what she is hiding. The mom tells her she just takes a quarter oxy for her back. The next morning Noa checks her mom’s bag and there are pills that don’t belong to her but belong to CALEB RIVERS!!! Best Easter egg yet. Although I hope he is okay. We can assume he and Hanna live in Millwood.


  • Tabby, Chip, Faran and Greg are in the library discussing their plan to break in the school to make their video. Even though it is a shower scene she wants it to be a safe place and situation. Greg is being a disgusting pig and making lewd comments…..annoying Tabby, who is regretting choosing Greg as her male lead.
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  • Imogen is back at her house packing up. She finds her old diary and flashes back to her mom giving it to her, and how her mom told her she used to write down everything in her diaries.


  • Imogen is now on the search to hopefully get answers. She finds her mom’s many diaries, but some pages are ripped out. We can only assume they are the ones about Angela.


  • Tabby and Faran meet up to film their scene.  They start talking about Kelly being awful and like Karen. Faran is about to tell Tabby her theory about the twin swap when Greg comes by, and she stops.


  • They start to film and Faran is killing it as the murder. Tabby is describing the background story of Greg’s scene: he drugged a damsel in distress. Then they will kill him. You can tell she is hurting by the way she explains the scene something happened to her.


  • Greg not taking it seriously, making Tabby furious. She yells at him about how this was a safe place. The rest of the group doesn’t seem bothered by Greg and his actions. She walks out and has a flashback of a party in the woods. Something horrible happened to her that sends her into a panic attack. When she gets back everyone left and Chip explains he finished the scene thinking he helped Tabby.


  • Noa is at home she is ordering pizza when she gets an unknown text. It’s not signed from A so is it not A are there two different people texting them? The text reads: She never learned her lesson. Mommy was going to throw you under the bus again, just like she did to Angela Waters. Her mom really is the worst. Who does that to their child?


  • Her pizza arrives but the pizza guy won’t bring it up because his car is running. When Noa goes down to get her pizza she sees the window smashed and her pizza on the floor. When she gets back to her apartment the Masked Stalker is standing in front of her door. In a horrific chase, Noa runs to the roof and jumps from her building to the next. Yeah, that’s a no for me. I don’t know why none of her neighbors opened the door when she was banging on the doors yelling for help. I would have let you in Noa, I got you ,boo.


  • When Noa is safe on the other roof and her ankle monitor is not beeping that she is too far from where she is allowed to be. She yells at the Masked Stalked asking what he wants. In a creepy voice he says “Punish the guilty”


  • When Noa asks who is guilty he says her mother.  Noa calls the hospital her mom works at and tells how she is stealing drugs. Masked Stalker didn’t tell you to do that. I know that’s what her mom was guilty of but still why would she jump to calling right away.


  • Faran is on social media looking for clues to see if Kelly is Karen. She remembers the blade in the ballet slipper. She tells Henry of her theory and how he should massage Kelly’s feet to see if there is a scar. Henry thinks she is nuts but agrees.


  • The girls are at lunch talking about the Diaries Imogen found when Noa comes over and tells them about everything that happened how she got a text and how her mom did something horrible to Angela.
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