The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights from 6/29/2022

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights from 6/29/2022

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:12 -- Pictured: Garcelle Beauvais -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights from 6/29/2022

  • Finally we see Sheree! I had forgotten she was married to Will Smith.
  • Hearing about how both women co-parent with their exes is so wonderful and I love how they put their children first.
  • Garcelle is so cute planning her birthday party, it sounds so much fun.
  • Crystal’s brother is so cute and ambitious…..he seems like such a great guy.
  • Duke of Norfolk….why did you say the F-word? I howled when Crystal’s son thought Rob dropped an F bomb.
  • I cannot BELIEVE how grown up Alexia is now….she was so young when the show began.
  • Holy crap, poor Diana! Not only did she have a miscarriage, but she also had major complications from it as well. I truly hope she is okay and am sending her well wishes and love.
  • I forgot that Erika had a hair extension line….has anyone tried it, just curious.
  • Dorit’s mom is so cute! She looks like she is a blast to hang out with and seems so sweet.
  • WOW, Sutton really doesn’t like Diana at all, does she?
  • Garcelle’s sons are so handsome and the twins are so grown up!
  • Dorit’s daughter drawing on Garcelle’s gift bag was so sweet.
  • Sheri Sheppard is at Garcelle’s party! Bring her on as a housewife next season! I would love to see her and Rinna go head to head!
  • I didn’t know Garcelle was 55. She looks so much younger.
  • Did Diana seriously give Garcelle a signed copy of her book for her birthday?
  • Did Jesus come and heal her? Sutton doesn’t hold back, does she?
  • Garcelle’s kids are the politest kids ever. I said what I said.
  • $250,000 for a m-f-king BAG? I think ALL FOUR of my degrees cost less than that. I could buy a house with that. The bag was also ugly. Again, I said what I said.
  • Diana has Sutton in her phone as ‘Bacon Eating Vegetarian.’ That is awesome.
  • Garcelle getting a Birkin cake because she doesn’t have a real one is goals. I would totally do the same thing/
  • Kyle being able to do those splits is impressive.
  • I am so confused by this Sutton/Diana feud. Garcelle was correct for calling Diana out and calling her rude. It was also wrong to bring all this up at Garcelle’s party.
  • Why does Diana constantly bring up Sutton enjoying bacon. She never even said she was a vegetarian, she said she just said she doesn’t really eat meat, but enjoys bacon sometimes. I can take it or leave it when it comes to meat, but I love a good burger. Does that make me a hypocrite too?
  • Did Garcelle kick Diana out of her party?
  • I didn’t even realize Denise never showed up to the party.
  • Wow…..this fight escalated quickly!
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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