Only Murders in the Building Season Two Premiere Persons of Interest Recap

Only Murders in the Building Season Two Premiere Persons of Interest Recap

Only Murders in the Building Season Two Premiere Persons of Interest Recap

Season two’s premiere opens with Charles narrating about living in New York City and how it is a wonderful place to live. He is walking through the city, which is filled with fireworks and a bus with a picture of him and his podcast hosts.


We then jump to him, Oliver and Mabel being questioned by the cops, includingDetective Kreps and Detective Williams. Mabel is being questioned about her role in the murder of Bunny, since she was the one with the murder weapon. She finally gets fed up and demands a lawyer….and then points out that they don’t have the real murder weapon.


Oliver tries to defend Mabel, but then admits he thought there was something off about her. Charles, for his part, compares the entire situation to his old TV show Brazzos.


As the trio leave, they are told by Detective Williams they are persons of interest and can be tried at any time, so they better not record anything or do the podcast. However, Oliver is more upset he didn’t make the front page of the post like Charles and Mabel. Once they are outside, they are met by paparazzi and reporters. Mabel and Charles walk away, while Oliver revels in the attention.


Once they are back in the building and in the elevator, Oliver makes a reference to Mabel’s Beats and begins to question her. The three of them talk about their situation and what to do next. Mabel wants to forget the whole thing, but Charles and Oliver want to continue investigating. Oliver reveals that Bunny was actually killed with a knife, which Charles says changes everything. Mabel just wants to be alone, so she goes into her apartment. She keeps having flashbacks to the murder, so she begins cleaning everything. Later on she scrolls through her social media and gets a video message from a woman named Alice, who loves her artwork and wants to meet at her gallery. Mabel stares at the mural that Alice admired as she thinks.

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Charles investigates on his own and gets a call from his agent, saying there is going to be a Brazzos reboot and is he interested?

Oliver is in the elevator, when he runs into Amy Schumer. They make small talk and she admits she is a fan of the podcast. She fangirls and says she hopes for a second season. As Oliver leaves, she asks if she will sell the rights to the podcast to make it into a streaming series. They agree to meet and she jokes he should bring a turkey…..and tequila, ice and a glass.


Charles meets with the network and tells stories about his past with Betty White on Password. He is told that the series is picked up and he will be Uncle Brazzos and the main character will be his niece—and the new Brazzos. He is given the offer, as long as he stays out of jail.


Mabel shows up to the gallery and is immediately accosted by a fan. Alice sends him away and talks to Mabel and they get to know each other. Mabel thinks this is a recruitment and Alice confirms her thoughts, inviting her to come back.


Charles, Mabel and Oliver all listen to Cinda Canning’s podcast, while imagining conversations with her and Poppy. This leads to the trio  meeting up to talk about it. Mabel admits that she remembers Bunny saying 14, so they decide to investigate to figure out what it all means. Charles says he just doesn’t want it to interfere with the reboot, while Mabel agrees because it will help her clear her name so she can move on with her life.

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They all hear a voice talking in Bunny’s voice via the entrance in Mabel’s apartment, giving them a place to get into Bunny’s place without being caught. When they get in, they discover her parrot, which imitates everything Bunny said when she was alive. As they investigate, they hear Howard and Uma, who are looking for a painting Bunny owned. The trio hide in the closet, while Uma and Howard discover the painting is missing.

Meanwhile, the trio find a secret elevator in Bunny’s closet and decide to see where it takes them. They end up outside and decide to find the painting and then the killer…..and bring back the podcast.


The episode ends with Charles coming home from shopping, Oliver going through papers and discovering a note for Bunny demanding the painting and Mabel having flashbacks….with Bunny saying savage. Charles texts them all to come to his place immediately, where he shows them that the painting randomly appeared in his home. He says the man in the picture is his father.


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