The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S11, E1 Recap for Dressed to the 90210s

Crystal Minkoff Exits Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S11, E1 Recap for Dressed to the 90210s

The season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off Lisa visiting Kyle, who broke her nose and got it altered as a result. Kyle thinks it makes her look younger.


Lisa and Kyle are both excited to see everyone now that it is safer. Lisa admits she hasn’t seen Garcelle in months, but is having dinner with her soon. Kyle says Garcelle unfollowed her on social media, leaving her confused.

Dorit and Erika talk about their lives and dealing with their mental health during the pandemic as they drive to Kyle’s. When they arrive, it is one big, happy reunion.

Mauricio brings them drinks and seems happy that the ladies are back together. He offers to BBQ food for them and they agree to join him and the kids for a meal.

Everyone continues to catch up and make more plans to meet up.


Garcelle, Sutton and some mutual friends drink Fireball and talk about who they have seen and been in contact with since the pandemic. Garcelle says she has spoken to Denise, but Sutton says Denise has not responded to her calls.

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The next day, Dorit wakes up the family and gets the kids ready for (home)school. Jagger doesn’t want to go downstairs and insists that Dorit carry him. She says no, and leaves him upstairs. He tells her that there will be no more hugs and kisses.



Sutton and Kyle meet up at Kyle’s Bel-Air house, which Sutton is now renting. She finds it strange that someone else is using it and admits that it makes her a bit sad.



Garcelle meets with Lisa, hoping to resolve things with her over the Denise debacle. She has a bit of an issue putting on her mask, but is allowed to go into the restaurant. When she arrives at the table, she and Lisa order roses and water.

Lisa apologizes and says she acted out because she was hurt. She also admits that she might have been too hard on Denise.

Garcelle asks why she didn’t defend Denise. Lisa says she thought Denise lied to her about Brandi, which is why she acted out. This causes them to argue, but Lisa says she wants them to move on. Garcelle says she is open to it, but plans to tread lightly.



Erika and her crew go through her closet to rearrange things. She talks about how life can change in an instant and how she and Tom both need to stay busy.

She says that courts are closed so Tom isn’t working and she lost her job due to the pandemic closing down Broadway.

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Dorit goes to visit Garcelle, bearing a big plate of cookies.

Garcelle gives her a tour of her new house. She shows off her exercise equipment and goldfish, which are named after Dorit and Kyle. Dorit is the black and white one, while Kyle is the boring goldfish.

The two of them talk about Lisa and how although they made up with her, they have a hard time trusting her again.



Kyle and Lisa go to visit Crystal, who is friends with Kyle’s sister Kathy. They bring things over for a charity event and end up staying over for a tour and bonding.

Crystal’s husband Rob actually worked on The Lion King, which excites the women, especially when they see memorabilia from the movie.

They all end up outside and talk about their children. Crystal apparently planned every little thing when it came to her pregnancies, including when her daughter was born.



Everyone gets ready for Dorit’s party. Jagger and Phoenix hate Dorit’s dress, which they say ‘looks like a robe’ and ‘shows her boobies.’

The entire gang is dressed to the nines for the occasion. Kathy arrives with Crystal, looking forward to BBQ food. She somehow confuses Garcelle and Kyle, which is….interesting?

After saying hello, everyone mingles for a bit before the men leave and the women party. They all eat appetizers (NOT BBQ!), plan a trip to Lake Tahoe and drink. Kathy wants to play dentist like she did when she was a kid, which leads to her and Kyle sharing stories from those days. It is so out of context, but so cute because she seems so excited!

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Sutton asks Garcelle if things are now better with her and Lisa. Garcelle says it will take more than one drink for that to happen, leading Sutton to tell her to make sure Lisa is aware of that.



The ladies talk about COVID and how they faced some very dark moments. Kyle discusses her anxiety, Garcelle talks about missing her kids, while Erika she ended up going on antidepressants.

Lisa talks about how she would run from her problems, which Erika says was one of her issues as well.

More next week, stay tuned.

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