The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Two Truths and a Lie

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Two Truths and a Lie

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Two Truths and a Lie

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with Garcelle on her way to meet Kyle and hopefully clear the air. She wants to do it one on one, rather than have the whole group involved.

Erika is with her crew, going through her closet. Sutton comes over, bearing a basked of food. Everyone thinks it is so sweet of her. The ladies sit down and talk about their lives, including how Sutton went to an auction and met a pilot who lost his license due to getting a knobber (blow job) while working.

Sutton also talks about how her life has changed in the past year and how she discovered her own ‘pretty little mess’ inside her.

Kyle and Garcelle meet for lunch. After some small talk, they discuss their relationship and how Kyle felt as if Garcelle never gave her a fair chance. She wants to start over, but Garcelle is still kind of salty about the charity debacle. She asks if Kyle would have called her out if she were white, leaving Kyle shocked and upset.

Garcelle explains how she is treated as a black woman and how the comment was triggering. Kyle apologizes and is glad Garcelle explained things.

As they eat, they discuss working out and how Garcelle hired a hot trainer to motivate her to work out.

Crystal and family enjoy green juice together, despite the fact that her daughter would rather have a Sprite. She talks about being a tiger mom and her husband’s work in the movie industry.  She says she has to have everything scheduled because everyone is so busy. Lucy, her ‘presidente,’ and her brother are the only ones who help her out.

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Tahoe time! Garcelle and Lisa are the first to arrive and manage to have some small talk, despite some initial awkwardness. Kyle and Kathy join them and they compare notes on what they packed. Kyle even took her espresso machine for lattes.

Kathy is excited to be going on an all girls trip, since it is something she has never done before.

The other ladies arrive and it is time to go!

Once they arrive, they are greeted by a man named Mark, who shows them around and introduces them to the chef. The house has a hot tub, sauna, indoor pool, 17 rooms, 18 bathrooms, a theatre, bars and more. Each lady chooses her own room, with Garcelle making sure she is not in a room near bears or sliding doors.

The only thing the ladies complain about is having to carry their own luggage.

Kathy and Kyle bond and are happy they are back in each other’s lives.

The ladies enjoy dinner and good conversation. Sutton gives them all flasks for a gift, which she quips will be good for the upcoming election.

After dinner, the ladies play two truths and a lie.

Crystal: She has been arrested, worked at an escort agency and was propositioned to become a madame. LIE: Arrested. She worked as an operator at an agency before college.

Sutton: Barista at Starbucks, stolen something and was a virgin when she got married. LIE: being a virgin when she got married.

Erika: Wore a wire and was a witness in a government case, was adopted, was in the mafia. LIE: won’t say, but she was adopted by her stepfather.

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Kathy: Worked as a dental assistant, receptionist at Waldorf, hairdresser for children. LIE: NONE.


Garcelle and Lisa talk about where they stand with each other and it turns out Garcelle doesn’t quite trust Lisa yet. Lisa thinks they are close….closer than she was with Denise even….but Garcelle still feels like things will backfire. Lisa cannot promise they won’t in the future. This causes an argument and Garcelle being afraid of being a stereotype for showing her feelings.

Lisa thinks things are going to be okay and compares Garcelle and Denise. This doesn’t sit well with Garcelle.

Most of the ladies go to bed, but Crystal, Kyle and Sutton stay up and drink. They talk about Garcelle and Kyle brings up their lunch and what Garcelle said. Crystal explains how she understands how Garcelle feels, because she dealt with it as a woman who is not white.

Sutton says she also faces stereotypes as a Southern woman, which causes a fight between her and Crystal. It only gets worse when Sutton says she doesn’t see color.

More next week, stay tuned.

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