Killing Eve Episode 6 Recap

It is episode six of Killing Eve and Niko has survived! Eve visits him in the hospital, filled with relief and ready to rekindle their broken relationship. But Niko stops her dead in her tracks glaring daggers at his estranged wife as he furiously types “PISS OFF FOREVER” on his speak’n’spell.

As is typical, while Eve is dealing with tragedy Villanelle is having a blast. She is finally being promoted to keeper. What duties and responsibilities will she hold? Helena, the classy french representative for the Twelve, gives Villanelle the rundown for what her new position will entail. Villanelle eagerly accepts her first assignment but to her great disappointment, it seems to consist of all the same duties that she had been doing.

Back in England Eve, Jamie, and Bear are going over Niko’s murder. The other two assume that Villanelle was responsible but Eve is not so sure. Bertha was dealt with around the same time as Niko, it would have been impossible for Villanelle to be in two places at once.
But despite everything, Eve has a lead. Bear has discovered that Dasha was responsible for the chalk murder that Villanelle was trying to immitate. Eve immediately follows up on this, revealing to Caroline that she plans to pay Dasha a visit in Barcelona and learn which kill Villanelle was actually responsible for.

Frustrated about her anticlimactic promotion, Villanelle finds Konstantine in Russia watching Irina’s hockey game and tells him that she wants to break out of the Twelve with him. Konstantine is strongly against this rash decision, warning that it will be difficult for both of them as well as Irina to all get out together but she manages to finally win him over.

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Caroline meets inconspicuously with her technology informant Mike, who she had assigned to hack into her son’s phone. He has found evidence that Kenny was in contact with a suspicious Russian number. Mike also reveals that he had already emailed this information to Caroline’s desk over a week ago and so was surprised when she had told him she hadn’t seen it yet. The significance is obvious, someone is screening her emails. Caroline immediately realizes that this means her annoying boss, Paul, must be working for the Twelve.

Villanelle surprises Irina at her school seemingly for no purpose other than to “bunk off,” which of course means letting the fourteen-year-old gun a pink car in high-speed fishtails around an abandoned parking lot. The two banter like siblings and Irina relays how much she hates her mom’s new boy-friend. Villanelle replies flippintly that if the guy is so bad Irina should kill him. Finally, Irina spills the beans that she and Konstantina are headed for Cuba and Villanelle screams with delight.
Konstantine is in London, oblivious to his daughter’s little escapade. He is intercepted by Caroline who tells him that they are going to go for a little drive. Konstantine becomes wary when he realizes this is an interrogation. Caroline knows that he called Kenny and she wants answers even if it means threatening him by swerving her Jaguar into the path of oncoming traffic. Konstantine, scared for his life, finally explains that Kenny had called to ask if he was his father. Caroline is shocked especially when Konstantine continues that he told Kenny he “didn’t know.”

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Caroline is still rattled by the time supper rolls around. Geraldine tries again to cut through her mother’s cold exterior. She wants to feel appreciated, for her existence to be recognized. Caroline finally realizes that though she doesn’t understand Gerildine, they are each other’s only family. The moment is broken when Caroline remarks that she found out Gerildine kissed Konstantine.

The man in question is currently just about to turn in but has the living daylights startled out of him by none other than Paul who, just like Villanelle in episode 4, is waiting for him on his bed. Paul explains that while the focus has shifted from Charels Kruger, he needs Konstantine to find out who placed an illegal hit on Bertha Kruger. Of course, it was Konstantine who placed that hit. It seems his plans of fleeing have gone from imminent to immediate.

Perhaps the most exciting moment in this episode is the showdown between Eve and Dasha. Eve finds the bronze-medal assassin bagging pins at a Barcelona bowling alley and asks for a game. As she scores strike after strike, Eve states that she knows Villanelle didn’t try to kill Niko. Dasha argues that Villanelle isn’t loyal to Eve and that she will soon forget about her because she is moving up in the world. Eve disagrees. Dasha, frustrated with the progress of the game and with Eve’s insight and tenacity, states that Eve can never win against The Twelve and storms away.

Villanelle is carrying out her assigned hit but her enthusiasm just isn’t there. When she, posed as a beautician, tries to kill her mark he fights back, stabbing her in the arm with a pair of scissors. Though Villanelle finally kills him she is badly wounded and unthinkingly disgards the scissors which are marked by her blood at the crime scene.
Dasha finds her later that night and helps her stitch up her wound. Villanelle is sobbing, lying broken and bleeding. She doesn’t want to be an assassin anymore.

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In Russia Konstantine is desperate to leave and gives Irina the code that it’s time to go. He waits for his daughter outside her house. But unbeknownst to her father, Irina has other plans. She waits in a parked van that must belong to her mom’s new boyfriend as the man himself takes out the trash. While Villanelle seems to be falling out with her killing instincts, Irina is just getting started. Konstantine watches in horror as his daughter starts the car and casually runs over the man she hates.

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