The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap For Season 11 Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap For Season 11 Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap For Season 11 Reunion Part 1

Tonight is night one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion on Bravo. It will be in four parts and word on the street is that we will be getting a LOT of information about Erika.

After Andy Cohen greets the women, he goes right into questioning Erika. She claims she has sympathy for ‘alleged’ victims to Tom’s ‘alleged’ misdoings. It comes across like she doesn’t care.

Andy asks the women if they talked to attorneys, and it turns out Crystal, Sutton and Kyle all talked to friends of attorneys to figure things out.

Erika says she was told to quit the show by her own attorneys, but says she is not a quitter. She also claims she should not be fired and people need to realize they have only seen one side of the story so far.

After a look back on Sutton’s highlights during the season, she admits that she and Crystal are more alike than they initially thought.

Lisa then snarks on Sutton’s store not being a business, while Sutton snarks on the fact her daughter and Amelia probably wouldn’t get along due to different lifestyles.

Sutton also talks about moving into her new house, while Kyle teases her about almost burning the rental down by using the fireplace.

Erika then switches topics to saying she wants a man with a big penis, while Sutton talks about breaking up with Michael.

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Andy then shows Garcelle’s highlights from the season. She talks about fitting in and Dorit says that she feels a bond toward her. However, she is passively provocative to be relevant.

Garcelle calls her out and demands an apology, which leads to Dorit insisting she used the wrong word…..but still insists she was right.

Andy tries to defend Garcelle, but Dorit keeps doubling down that she was correct in calling Garcelle out.

Lisa tries to interject, but Garcelle tells her to wait her turn, which leads to them fighting and Dorit continuing to scream at her over not saying anything at the lunch with Crystal and Erika.

The topic then switches to Lisa’s relationship with Garcelle. Lisa thinks she did everything she could to fix things, while Garcelle says it was lovely, but she doesn’t trust her…especially since Lisa allegedly said Garcelle shouldn’t bring up race.

Lisa thinks she should have brought it up to her, but Garcelle tells her that they don’t bring things up to her either. This leads to another fight between them and the status of their relationship. Dorit then interjects, which causes more fighting.

Garcelle and Lisa decide to make up and hug, but Dorit isn’t sure it is real.

Kathy then joins the women on stage….armed with note cards. She quips that Kyle pushed her into joining…..and scared her on the way to the reunion.

The topic switches to Erika’s marriage and how she told Andy Tom never read her book, nor did he see her on Broadway. She says there was more than just cheating in the relationship….and that he said and did nothing when she gave him an out.

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Andy asks if she was always faithful and we find the answer out next week. Stay tuned.

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