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Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 1/11/2022

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 1/11/2022VANDERPUMP RULES -- Season:7 -- Pictured: Lisa Vanderpump -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 1/11/2022

  • Why doesn’t James just uninvite Brock if he is that angry with him?
  • Wait, so why is Raquel mad at Scheana and not responding to her texts?
  • Lala was being a bit judgy, but she is right, this photoshoot could have been done just as well on an iPhone.
  • The fact that Scheana and Brock are already fighting and they haven’t even signed the prenup does not bode well for them, just saying.
  • Did Charli refer to Randall as Daddy Randall?
  • It was really rude for Ariana to be late to the meeting to Randall. The only way I would understand is if the notary person ran late or something? I have no clue how any of that works, so I have no idea.
  • I wonder what will happen to the business deal with Randall, Ariana and Katie now that Lala and Randall are no longer together.
  • Brock’s proposal to Scheana was sweet. I like how he included her mom and Summer Moon.
  • I know Brock and Scheana want to get married right away, but couldn’t they wait until after the engagement party? They could still keep it quiet.
  • Why didn’t Charli leave one suitcase at the curb, bring one up and go back for the other?
  • Should I wait for my boyfriend to open this wine? NO! There is a girl after my own heart.
  • I know Ariana wanted to help Raquel, but she shouldn’t have had that talk over FaceTime while James was in the other room. Also, why was she doing a Valley Girl impression when asking if they could talk privately?
  • That wine tour looks like so much fun….Charli deepthroating the wine down her throat was epic.
  • I miss going to paint and sip events….it has been so long since I have done one.
  • Sandoval is right, this secret wedding is going to be a disaster.
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Season finale next week, stay tuned!

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