The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale Recap for House of Horrors

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale Recap for House of Horrors

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale Recap for House of Horrors

The season finale of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey opens with Teresa going on a date with her boyfriend Luis. They go out to dinner at a place called The Town and talk about their kids, meeting for the first time and where things are going.

He even asks permission to kiss her, which is so sweet.

Delores is dressing up her dogs for Halloween, while Jennifer and Jackie decorate their houses.

Meanwhile, Margaret and Joe plan for their Halloween/Joe’s birthday party. They joke that there will be no birthday sex if this is a disaster.

Melissa and Joey make dinner and things are still tense. He still feels left out because she is working so much and seems to shame her for making her own money. She argues that she wants something for herself and she was always supportive of his dreams….she just wants the same courtesy.

Jennifer and Bill celebrate their anniversary with their kids….minus Gabi, who is preparing for a big exam. Olivia says she loved helping plan the dinner.

As they eat, Bill gives her the proper proposal she didn’t get when they were first engaged. She is over the moon excited and touched that he and the kids helped plan something so meaningful.

Frank and Delores renovate their house. All the while, she ribs him on how he used to treat her and why they aren’t married anymore. She says once she divorced, she had to be independent and wouldn’t trade her independence for anything.

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Teresa, Milania and Gia make apple pies together. As they cook, Teresa tells them about Luis and is surprised that they are so happy for her. She realize she is the one who is scared and needs to let go.

Everyone gets ready for the party, but worry that there will be drama. Melissa tells Joey to not bring anything up, even though he thinks she is at fault.

Couples Costumes:

Margaret and Joe: Morticia and Gomez

Jackie and Evan: Sonny and Cher

Jennifer and Bill: J.Lo and Prince

Melissa and Joey: Mermaid and merman

Delores and Frank: Accident victim and Joe Exotic

Teresa: Cotton Candy unicorn. (Luis didn’t attend)

Jennifer gets sloshed, while everyone else parties and talks about….ass hair?

Margaret thanks everyone for coming to the party and wishes her husband Joe a happy birthday. All seems well, until Joey G confronts her about the chauvinistic debacle. This causes another fight….and gets even worse when Melissa decides to chime in with her own two cents. She goes over to tell Teresa and Delores, which causes even more problems.

Joey comes over and wants to know what is happening. He and Melissa end up leaving, but not before she says that she doesn’t want them talking about her marriage.

The rest of the group continues to talk about Melissa and Joey, who just went to the other side of the party. They are still fighting and Melissa


Melissa is building her brand, launching a workout line and says her hardest job is being Joey’s wife.

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Margaret and Joe finished their house and are now looking for a new project to fight over.

Jackie and Evan threw their oldest sons a double bar mitzvah with no rumors or analogies.

Jennifer is still not speaking to her mom, but interviewing new housekeepers.

Delores is enjoying her independence from David, got a thigh lift and is planning her next plastic surgery.

Teresa admitted she madly in love, bought property with Luis and has a whole pantry of pineapple.

Reunion next week, stay tuned!

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