The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Affairs and Accidents

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Affairs and Accidents

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Affairs and Accidents

Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with the ladies getting ready for yet another trip. Kyle thinks that they all need to relax with everything happening in their lives.


Sutton calls Kyle to see what to pack. She seems on the fence about going on the trip, but Kyle convinces her it will be fun and better than staring at her four walls.


Oh, and they are staying at different hotels….I guess because of COVID?


Erika talks about being on a budget and how she has not seen a dime from Tom since she left. She goes to her old clubhouse and looks back at the memories made there. However, she knows that all things must come to an end.


Kyle is at the desert waiting for everyone to arrive. Garcelle calls and tells her that she will be there the next day.


Once she hangs up, Lisa arrives, followed closely by Dorit and Kathy. She is excited to see everyone, even though some of the ladies are staying at a hotel.


I’m with Kyle, this is a house, why did she think that there would be a bellman?


Sutton and Crystal arrive and are civil to one another. However, Crystal is happy she is staying at the hotel.


The ladies talk about the Erika fiasco, which now has her with frozen assets and evaluations for Tom. They call her to see if she is coming and she says she is on her way.

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Dinner time! There are some dirty jokes about eggplant and cucumber, because of course. As they cook, Kyle and Kathy joke with one another and look back on how their relationship has progressed over the years.


Erika arrives and everyone hugs her as she begins to cry. (Again, why do they treat her so well and not question her, but basically bullied Denise over the show over something that was none of their business?)


Erika talks about what is going on and how he has been working since before she was born. Dorit understands because she was in a similar situation when PK had legal woes. She claims she was dragged into things that happened before she knew him, while Kathy says she understands why Erika would sign paperwork without reading it, because she has done the same.


The topic switches to Sutton’s dad’s suicide before Christmas and how she had to try and carry on despite the tragedy. She goes on to say how it impacted her relationship with her  mom and how things got complicated after his death.


Dinner time! The ladies get dressed and move their luggage….or more specifically, Dorit moves Kathy’s luggage because they are friends.


As an aside, Lisa’s outfit reminds me of the episode of The Golden Girls where Dorothy was dressed like the mother of a Solid Gold Dancer.


Kyle drops a spice bottle, which Kathy tries to clean up with a BBQ brush. Erika and Lisa bring over a broom and dust pan in order to clean it properly.

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Apparently, Drake follows Lisa on social media and Kyle’s daughter is jealous. She calls Kyle and tells her to up her game.

While they eat, Erika thanks the ladies for being there for her….and says she gave up her studio, so the future of Erika Jayne is is in the air.


She then goes into more details of what happened with Tom and how he went from being sweet to being angry. It seems to be suffering from dementia, which could have been why he got into a car accident years ago. It resulted in him breaking bones and losing consciousness. However, at the time, she assumed he was with another woman.


Kyle says Erika keeps things private, which again, is very hypocritical, considering what happened last season….and with them harassing Kim during her darkest hours….and how they treated Taylor….and, well, you get the idea.


Everyone feels bad for her, especially when Erika says that there have been multiple affairs. Kyle says there have been rumblings, but nothing solid. Erika herself only found out when she when she went through his stuff after Yolanda divorced David.


The ladies want to know why she stayed, but she claims she had nowhere to go.The ladies offer sympathy and hug her while Kathy brings everyone cake.


Lisa then brings up Amelia and Scott, which has nothing to do with anything. She claims it is just friendship, but everyone thinks that is BS.


More next week, stay tuned!

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