ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for First Date

Call Me Kat Renewed for Season Two

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for First Date

The episode opens with Kat (Mayim Bialik) talking to her new boyfriend Oscar (Christopher Rivas) via Facetime. She gives him a tour of her house and tries to show him the outside view of her cafe. However, it causes her to fall off the balcony and into the awning. She freaks out when she sees a dead bird looking her in the eye.


At the cafe, Daniel (Lamorne Morris) and Randi (Kyla Pratt) are debating over showering after swimming and taking a bath. Kat shares her own opinion on the topic, with Daniel sarcastically thanking her for joining in the conversation.


As Daniel kisses Randi goodbye, he says he has a gift for their 6 month anniversary. She says she has one too, but once he leaves, she admits to Kat that she didn’t actually get him anything because she didn’t think people celebrated 6 month anniversaries. She thought it was the same as half birthdays, something that is there but not recognized. Kat says no one remembers her half birthday is on Christmas.


The topic switches to the fact that Oscar is going to Kat’s place to watch movies. Randi warns her that this is code for sex, but Kat says she never heard this was a thing. Phil (Leslie Jordan) agrees, saying that he learned this with his new boyfriend.


Kat says she is not the sex on the first date kind of girl and recalls her mom (Swoosie Kurtz) telling her that she should not give away the milk for free. Randi tells her times have changed and to just go for it. Phil agrees, saying that she could get hit by a meteor tomorrow. He wonders if that is what happened to the now broken awning.

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Kat goes to the bar to get her lunch. Carter (Julian Gant) offers to put onions on her burger, but she doesn’t want any. He tells her this is not an option because they ended up with a pallet of onions instead of a box. Kat offers to take a box to make onion relish. Max (Cheyenne Jackson) wants to do the same, so he asks if they can do it together. Kat says yes, but she has a date with Oscar that night. He says he will text her to see when she is free.


After she leaves, Carter says he is acting weird and says it is because he just got a little rejected. Max denies this, but Carter teases him anyway. He also says making relish is code for sex and he has a keen ear for these kinds of things.


Kat is dancing and getting ready for her date when Phil comes up to wish her luck. He points out that she left her lip wax strip on, and offers to rip it off for her. This results in her having a burn on her lip.


On the date, Kat tries to eat, but the upper lip pain is causing problems. She confesses to Oscar what happened and he says he understands because he has sisters. He adds that his sisters keep bugging him and asking about the date.


Kat gets up to use the bathroom and ends up crashing into a waitress. Oscar says this reminds him of they day they met.

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At the bar, Randi shows off the sneakers she got for Daniel. The guys warn her that giving sneakers as a gift is bad luck, and she wonders if they really believe in superstitions. However, she begins questioning her decision.


Kat and Oscar go back to her apartment to have sex. She goes to her bedroom, but imagines Max is in her bed. This makes her nervous, so she says they should take a walk. Oscar says they don’t have to have sex, but she says it is okay, so she goes to freshen up. She gives herself a pep talk in the bathroom, but imagines Brigitte, her mother, Max and Carter there, messing with her thoughts.


Kat finally goes back out and accidentally calls Oscar Max.


The next day, Max and Kat make the relish together and she confesses everything that happened the night before, including calling Oscar by his name. He says it makes sense because she trust him and feels comfortable with him. She decided to tell this to Oscar and thanks Maax with a hug. He begins violently chopping onions as she dashes off to make the call.


Randi continues to contemplate what to do with the shoes, while Kat and Phil try to give her advice and make her feel better with cats. However, this doesn’t really help her in any way.


Later on, Kat and Oscar play some one on one and decide to slow things down and get to know each other.

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Randi decides against giving Daniel the sneakers and instead gives him other symbolic gifts, Ironically, he does give her shoes because he was taught it was good luck in a relationship.


The episode ends with everyone in the bar singing and eating as they say goodbye.

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