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Crime Scene Kitchen Recap for 7/21/2021: The Winner Is…..

Crime Scene Kitchen Recap for 7/21/2021: The Winner Is…..

Tonight is the finale of Fox’s Crime Scene Kitchen. Joel McHale hosts, while Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone judge.

Round one!

The worst team will be eliminated after this round, so the pressure is on!

There is a mad dash to find clues, which consist of a pastry bag, a strainer, raspberries and pastry cream.


Desserts baked:

Luis and Natalie: Napoleon

Lorie and Jason: Chocolate Napoleon

Emma and Leslie: Chocolate Napoleon

Thomas and Cathy: Napoleon


As always, the judges and Joel walk around to talk to the teams and give commentary.

Before long, it is time for the judges to taste each dessert. After they give the pros and cons, they reveal that the dessert is a Napoleon, but not a chocolate one!

This leaves Lorie and Jason and Emma and Leslie in the bottom two, with Emma and Leslie being eliminated.

Round two!

It is Yolanda’s birthday, so their task is to make her a birthday cake. The best one will determine who wins.

The teams discover cocoa, raspberries, coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla bean, caramel and cake pans in the kitchen and get to work. As always, the judges and Joel walk around and give their commentary.

Yolanda is excited to not only get birthday cakes, but to see how they create them, since she gave them free reign to do what they wanted with the ingredients.

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Tasting time! The judges give their commentary, pros and cons on each cake Afterward, they deliberate amongst themselves before declaring the winner.

LUIS AND NATALIE HAVE WON THE FIRST SEASON ON CRIME SCENE KITCHEN! Congratulations to them and here’s to a fantastic season!

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