The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap for New Year, Old Grudges

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap for New Year, Old Grudges

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap for New Year, Old Grudges

Tonight is the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. We will finally see the big storylines come to an end, which includes the main one…Erika Jayne and her legal battles.

Party Planning: 

Erika and Crystal meet up to plan a Chinese New Year party. They talk about Erika’s situation, including her feud with Sutton. She says she knows who is for or against her, but right now she is not engaging. She is also in no way over it.

Sutton meets up with Kathy to see a house she is designing. Since she cannot walk, Kathy’s young, handsome builder Aidan carries her.

The two of them talk about the Erika situation and how she is suddenly being so nice. Sutton doesn’t trust her, but is willing to deal with things. Kathy reminds her that the Chinese New Year is a special day for Crystal and hints that Sutton should be nice.

Dinner Dishing:

Dorit, Erika, Lisa and Kyle go to dinner together and discuss Sutton. Kyle says Sutton said that Erika was lying, which upsets Erika. She says she told nothing but the truth, but talks about how her son found Tom at the scene of the accident. However, it isn’t quite the same as the story she told before.

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Kyle and Lisa also warn Erika over her social media activity, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Dating Duds:

Garcelle talks to her stylists about her date. He took her to a tailgate with sushi and champagne, but says he wasn’t her type. She was also disappointed that he didn’t show his abs.


Party Prep:

The ladies get ready for the party. Apparently, Crystal’s husband named his shoes after Ron Weasley’s brothers Fred and George, while Erika seems to still have her glam squad on call. Either she has money after all, they are working for free/exposure or they are such good friends that they are sticking by her.

Everyone arrives to the party in full glam. They all mingle and drink and seem to be getting along. However, things get, um, interesting when Garcelle asks Lisa to reach out to Denise. Lisa says she will do it when the timing is right.


Happy Chinese New Year: 

Crystal then begins the dinner and talks about the importance of the Chinese New Year, which is a wonderful and beautiful thing. I never really knew much about it before, but I love learning about it. The food and music are also to die for! WOW.

Crystal explains some of the traditions of the Chinese New Year, but they get lost due to Kyle making snarky comments to Sutton….and Sutton trying to apologize to Erika, who isn’t having any of it.  Kyle even says Erika should do her part and apologize.

Sutton and Kyle talk about Erika’s attitude. Kyle thinks that things were fine, which is why she was joking, but Sutton is still upset over the entire situation.

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Erika, for her part, complains to PK, but thinks she has bigger fish to fry.

When everything goes to get dessert, it seem like the gang is divided between Sutton and Erika. Sutton tries to talk things out, but no avail.



Sutton is waiting for Erika to reach out and moved out of Kyle’s rental.


Kyle is selling her rental and is closer to Kathy. She also has Kim’s new number.


Dorit has added ready to wear gowns to her line and made The Reunion dress for the reunion.


Lisa wants to add an acrylic nail line to her beauty line. Amelia and Scott broke up, much to Lisa’s joy.


Garcelle is shooting The Real from the studio and taking a break from dating….unless Brad Pitt calls.


Crystal color codes her busy life and plans to visit her brother in China in the near future.


Erika is dealing with negative press, but has a small group of true friends supporting her.


Reunion next week, stay tuned.

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