Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for 3/16/21: A Simmons by Any Other Name

The Real Housewives of Dallas on Indefinite Hiatus

Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for 3/16/21: A Simmons by Any Other Name

Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas picks up where we left off last week. Everyone is at D’Andra’s house for a meditation session with her shaman Darren. He spreads smoke around, which bothers Tiffany’s asthma.


D’Andra says this is going to be a rebirth of their friendship, so Darren has them do breathing exercises and chants. Kameron begins to laugh, as does Kary. Everyone seems a bit confused as to what is supposed to happen.


Each woman pairs up with another to air their grievances. Kary and D’Andra talk out their issues, as do Tiffany and Brandi.


Darren then has them lay down on their backs so he can cover them in rose petals. This is supposed to remove any negativity from their bodies. Brandi brings up a meditation place that gives people orgasms. Kary thinks they should all go.


It is time for Tiffany to go to her meeting, so Daniel gives her one last pep talk.


Brandi decides to have one on one time with Brinkley, since she doesn’t get enough time with her. They play makeup and talk about school. It turns out Brinkley has ADHD and dyslexia. She talks about her school struggles and how they get through things by prayer and faith.


Daniel surprises Tiffany with wine and food. She fills him in on her meeting, and it turns out she was able to get everything she wanted. She says she worried for nothing and as always, prepared herself for the worst possible scenario. Daniel teases her that she can be a lady that lunches, and Tiffany agrees it is a good idea….only once a week.

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Kary begins planning Tiffany’s Moroccan themed birthday party, which Tiffany says is going to be like Arabian Nights.


Tiffany’s daughters Chloe and Maddie  are overjoyed that they are now getting more time with their mommy.


Kameron plays football with Court and her daughter Hilton. He teases her that she would read Vogue at Cowboys games and she argues it is because they are boring. She still doesn’t understand the game.

Afterward, Kameron and Court talk and she lets him know she is aware that their house is now pending. She is upset because he didn’t share it with her, but he says there was nothing to tell at this point. She just wishes he would let her have her own voice, but he says he has good intentions.


Everyone arrives for Tiffany’s party, which includes a lot of pink. They sing Happy Birthday and they sit down to drink and chat about some interesting things Tiffany has seen in the hospital.



Dinner is served and Tiffany thanks everyone for coming to her party. They hug it out and do a toast. Mama Dee then tells as story about how she met her husband and became rich.


The subject of meditating comes up, which of course leads to a debate and tension between Brandi and D’Andra.


Later on, everyone gets drunk and plays with snakes….except for Mama Dee, Tiffany quips that D’Andra looks like she is in a porno.


The subject changes to why D’Andra changed her name to Simmons and Mama Dee says it was because she thought it would get her farther in life. D’Andra flips out and screams while throwing things while Mama Dee storms out. Stephanie tries to comfort her.The other women comfort D’Andra as the show comes to a close.

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