Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for Mommy Dearests

Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for Mommy Dearests

Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for Mommy Dearests

Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas opens with Tiffany giving Kary a basket of hot sauces as a thank you for hosting her party. Kary tells Chloe and Maddie that she made sure to keep mommy out late so she would be tired.


Stephanie asks Brandi to come with her to an event, while Kameron gets her son a haircut.


D’Andra comes to Tiffany’s house to hang out. She keeps confusing the twins, which annoys them They decide to cuddle with Kary until Tiffany kicks them out. D’Andra snarks that the twins should be retested as geniuses.


Tiffany invites them to her husband’s hotel for a weekend getaway and hopes it is better than her last party. The conversation switches to the party fiasco with D’Andra fighting with her mom and Brandi. She also explains she changed her name to honor her stepfather and uses his biological father’s last name as her middle name.


The ladies continue to discuss mother/daughter relationships and where they stand with their moms. Tiffany isn’t close to her mom, who only seems to call when she needs something. Kary tells her to talk to her without being confrontational.


Stephanie and Brandi go to Stephanie’s locker room event, where a school in need gets new locker rooms. She says it didn’t come out quite how she expected, but she is proud of the work that was done. Everyone loves the work that was done and she talks to Travis about how this kind of work gives her another purpose.

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Tiffany prepares to tell her mom about cutting down on her job hours, so she invites her over. The girls are happy to see her, even though they cannot hug.


Tiffany’s mom gives her a red envelope, which is a tradition in their culture.  The conversation then moves to the fact that Tiffany will be working less hours. Tiffany’s mom thinks it is wonderful, which completely shocks Tiffany.


D’Andra goes to talk to her mother when her husband Jeremy calls. He assures her things will be okay and she can move on.


Mama Dee tells her dogs that ‘their sister’ D’Andra is always late. The ladies sit down and D’Andra explains how she felt when Mama Dee said her name change was opportunistic. However, Mama Dee says she remembers the phone call where D’Andra literally said she was changing her name for that very reason. They continue to talk things out and decide to make their relationship work.


D’Andra also talks about how she tried reaching out to her estranged family with no avail.


Kary goes hiking with her daughters to talk to them about life and hopefully create a stronger bond. She talks about how her mom was an alcoholic and she wants a better relationship with them. She also apologizes for how she would put them in the middle when she and their father split up. They hug it out and vow to do better.


Tiffany prepares for her luau at the hotel and quips that the bar is set low for this party. D’Andra comes to talk to her about her mother and Tiffany says she is lucky to have her. They then go get ready for the party.

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Meanwhile, Brandi, Kary and Stephanie drive to the party together. Brandi is worried about the fight she is having with D’Andra. Stephanie tells her to talk it out with her when they get there.


Everyone is at the luau, eating, drinking and having a good time. The ladies are thrilled that Tiffany is so chill.


The topic switches to Kameron moving to her new house and how she wants to be a part of it, but not see the bills.


Everyone continues to have fun with nunchucks, which Kary wants to light on fire.


When it is time to eat, the subject of the party comes up. D’Andra uses it as an opportunity to call out Brandi for saying she wasn’t Christian. This causes D’Andra to call her a cafeteria Christian, which upsets her. However, the other ladies seem to find it funny, especially when Kary can’t remember the number of commandments and thinks one of them is thou shall not masturbate.


More next week, stay tuned.

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