The Real Housewives of Dallas Finale Recap for Southfork Goes South

The Real Housewives of Dallas Finale Recap for Southfork Goes South

The Real Housewives of Dallas Finale Recap for Southfork Goes South

The season finale of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas opens with the murder mystery dinner. Brandi is killed by gunshot and falling down the stairs and everyone is a suspect.

The investigation begins! The best exchange:

Kary (in character): Brandi, who killed you?

Brandi (in character): I don’t know, I am dead.

Kary: But you’re on our team.

Brandi: I want to help, but I’m dead.


Brandi and Kameron seem to have alibis, but D’Andra ends up being the killer! As she tries to run away, she is cornered and ends up being pushed into the pool by Kary. She gets out of character to yell at Kary, who defends her actions by saying she is acting.

Brandi says she wants to be undead because she is missing out.

That night, the girls play pranks….which result in them being in bed together, Brandi getting stuck in a door, Kary breaking glass and someone peeing their pants.

The next morning, Brandi sees the mess they all made, which leads to them re-enacting the night, which actually had Kary trying to help Brandi when she got stuck. She was trying to balance on the rocking horse, but fell, which led to the broken glass.

Kameron and D’Andra are upset over the mess, especially since it happened due to Kary and Brandi drinking.

Brandi, for her part, calls the people in charge to apologize and offer to pay for everything. Kary still doesn’t feel like it is a big deal, but Brandi is very upset things went so far.

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Stephanie, D’Andra and Kameron discuss the issue and think Kary needs to be held accountable for her actions. They agree Brandi can be crazy, but not destructive.

The ladies (minus Kary) enjoy breakfast together and discuss the night before. She finally joins them after talking to Eduardo, who cannot come to Southfork due to being ill. She is very upset and disappointed because this was their chance to reconnect.

Brandi tells the ladies that Kary was the one who broke the glass and that they called Janna (the woman in charge) to apologize and offer to replace the glass. She says Janna was gracious, but she still feels bad.

Kary finally comes out for breakfast. Brandi tells her that she was filling everyone in on about what they said to Janna. Kary brushes it off, which leads to the other women finally calling her out and holding a semi-intervention about her drinking.

Needless to say, it doesn’t go well…..leading to fighting and tears. D’Andra goes to talk to Kary privately, which leads to her breaking down over the stress in her life.

The husbands join the ladies at Southfork for a night of partying. Tiffany decides to wear a blonde wig, while everyone else channels their inner Dallas character.

There are fun activities, drinking and bonding. Brandi and Stephanie have a sweet moment together to celebrate their friendship. Brandi even gives Stephanie a friendship ring to commemorate the moment.

At dinner, Kary Facetimes her husband, while the couples enjoy their time together.


D’Andra has not talked to her brother or stepmother, but she still sees her shaman twice a week.

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Kameron made her new house…..and her dog pink.

Stephanie is working from home as her charity continues to flourish.

Kary has not pushed anyone in a pool or destroyed any property. Her relationship with her mom is going strong, but her marriage remains complicated.

Tiffany is enjoying her new life/work balance and even took her daughters back to Oklahoma. She is taking baby steps with her mom.

Brandi found out she was pregnant after filming and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her dog Sugar also crossed the rainbow bridge.

Reunion next week! Stay tuned.

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