Night Court Recap for 2/14/2023: Justice Buddies

Night Court Recap for 2/14/2023: Justice Buddies

Night Court Recap for 2/14/2023: Justice Buddies

The episode opens with Neil trying to text a girl and relying on Dan and Olivia for advice….only to get snark. As they talk, Abby and Gurgs tell them that Gurgs’s nephew Xavier’s class is going to visit for a school field trip. Gurgs and Abby are excited, but everyone else thinks it won’t work out well.


The class arrives and nobody is impressed with the banner. Each kid is paired with one of them, with Dan getting someone who considers him a hero, while Gurgs gets the unenthusiastic Xavier.


Abby tries to do tricks for the kids with disastrous results, while Dan has kids fighting over who gets to buy him coffee. Olivia has an aspiring attorney who criticizes her for everything she

does. Neil, for his part, gets dating advice from his own buddy.


Gurgs has trouble bonding with Xavier  until she finds out he wanted to be there to meet his favorite TikTok star who is on trial. She is not happy with this at all.


Abby is still trying to impress the kids, but Gurgs wants them to go home now that she knows they are there for the TikTok star.


Malcolm FX, the TikTok star who is on trial for defacing a Christopher Columbus statue, tries to plead his case while Dan tries to relate to him and the kids through his defense. The kids love it, which Abby mistakes for them loving the law. Gurgs, for her part, wants her to go easy on Malcolm. Abby says she has to go by the law and finds him guilty. The kids go crazy and want to protest.

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Abby talks to everyone outside to find out what is going on, only to find out Gurgs knew the plan to defend Malcolm. Gurgs tries to point out that the kids have a point and ends up joining their protest. Abby warns her that she could lose her job, but Gurgs continues to protest.


Later on, Dan and Gurgs go to Abby with their demands, while Olivia tries to get revenge on Claire and Neil panics over a text he sent to the girl he likes.


Abby and Gurgs talk things out, making Abby see the error in her ways. She talks to Dan about it and tells her that sometimes she has to be the bad guy and sometimes realize it is not about her….all the while trying to scam more demands out of her.


Olivia tries to blackmail Claire, but the two see they are more alike than they realized and hug it out.


Gurgs and Xavier have a heart to heart about justice and her job, coming to an understanding on where the other is coming from.


Abby tells the kids they are all guilty, but shows them that she is actually on their side. Xavier tells her the place needs a lot of work and people like Gurgs can help make things better.


The kids all say goodbye with Neil getting a date, Abby being invited to Bun Day with Gurgs and Xavier and Dan admitting he had fun.

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