On My Block Actress Jessica Marie Garcia Talks to TVGrapevine

Jessica Marie Garcia is a rising star in her own estimation. The brunette beauty has appeared in hits such as How to Get Away With Murder, Goliath, Liv and Maddie and Betch, bringing her own brand of personality to each role.

Her latest gig is starring as Jasmine in the Netflix series On My Block. The show is a coming of age series about four friends dealing with life and growing up.

TVGrapevine recently caught up with the actress for an exclusive one on one interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Jessica Marie describes Jasmine as a sweet, fast talking girl who tries to fit in with her peers. She admits it is hard because is also a bit more brash and open when it comes to sexuality. However, Jessica says the latter is a defense mechanism because of other stuff she is dealing with in life. She thinks people watching can relate to this because sometimes people put on faces in public to help cope with what is going on in different areas of their lives.

2. She loves being on the show and cannot wait to see what is next for her character. She admits that she wants to see her interact more with the core group and perhaps become more involved with them. However, the biggest thing she wants is to have Viola Davis from How To Get Away With Murder guest star on the show. The two have worked together before and sh thinks it would be an honor to reunite and work together once again.

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3. In addition to working on the show, she can also be seen in American Princess, which is set to air this summer. She is also hard at work writing a show that is based on her life and relationship with her mother. While she could not give away too much on either project, she promises both will be worth the wait and something fans will enjoy.

4. Fans would be surprised to know that Jessica Marie is extremely accident prone. She joked that she can find anything in a room and bump into or trip over it. She is also very vocal about her battle with psoriasis. She wants to bring awareness to the issue, not only to help find a treatment and cure, but to also help people not feel embarrassed. She wants those who suffer to know that they are not alone and to offer support.

5. Jessica is also a HUGE fan of reality TV. She admits that it is her guilt pleasure and watches it whenever she gets a chance. However, although she is a fan, she isn’t sure she would go the reality TV route herself. She wouldn’t mind doing a competition based show, but wouldn’t want to do one about her own life.

Keep checking back for more news on Jessica Marie and her upcoming projects.

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