The Bachelor Recap for 1/28/19

Tonight is the fourth episode of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor on ABC. The remaining ladies will have a chance to go on dates with Colton and get to know him better while vying for a rose. Some will be chosen, others will go home heartbroken.

We open with Caelynn/Hannah B drama and I’m sick of it. Get over it already!

The girls leave for Singapore and are so happy about it. I would love it if one day Chris Harrison would name some obscure, random place and someone to wonder where said place is.

Ah, someone did say it! At least they were honest!

Date 1: Tayshia and Colton go bungee jumping and explore. They also make out in the water. During dinner, they open up to each other and she reveals that she is recently divorced. He promises he won’t judge her for it and says his own parents are divorced.

She gets the rose and they kiss while overlooking the city.

Date 2: Everyone except Caelynn is on this date. She by default gets the one on one, with Demi saying some snarky comments that make no sense.

One the date, Demi gets a piggyback ride from Colton and pretty much throws herself at him. They also watch some random dude with leeches on his back. Colton decides to try it and um, no. Fast forward!

Apparently, Cassie is Colton’s past life sister and WTF is happening right now? Also, why are we still hearing about the pageant girl drama? I am so sick of it.

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After lunch, they enjoy the cocktail party. They take turns talking to and kissing Colton. However, the girls are still talking about the pageant girl drama. I. AM. SICK. OF. IT!

Demi shames Courtney for not putting herself out there. She tries to give her unsolicited advice, but it comes across as condescending.

Speaking of Demi, she tells Colton that her mom is in jail. They have a bonding moment and kiss.

Courtney doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to put herself out there just for attention. I totally get it, but she should just talk to him. Demi uses the time Courtney is freaking out to get more time with Colton.

Courtney finally goes to talk to Colton, but ends up confronting Demi and they end up fighting.

Demi gets the group date rose. She brags about it, Courtney cries and the other girls roll their eyes.

Date 3: Caelynn gets a Pretty Woman date and the other girls are jealous. She now has lots of pretty things to wear on her date. None of the other girls seem happy and Cassie is eve crying over it. UGH. OVER THIS!

At their dinner, Caelynn reveals that she was date raped in college at a party. I can’t even really type the details of what she said because it is so heartbreaking. Not only because she was raped, not only because these monsters put it on Snapchat, but because of the treatment she got after. All I can say is she is brave, and when it comes to the intimacy thing…I UNDERSTAND! I’m glad she had her mom to help her through it when she was finally ready to tell her about it. Caelynn, you are so brave and strong. She tells Colton he makes her feel safe and he promises her she will be with him.

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Colton reveals he was with a woman who was sexually abused in the past. He says saw the pain in her eyes, but feels like he had no right to feel the pain when he wasn’t the victim. They have a deep, deep talk about it and he says his reason for being a virgin is complicated. I’m confused, but it’s none of my business.

Cocktail party! The girls take time making out with Colton,the pageant girls hug it out, Courtney and Demi fight and tattle to Colton. Demi then picks up her rose and I literally expected her to say Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah, I got a rose!

I just can’t with this episode….I’ve seen more maturity with kids in a toy store.

Rose ceremony:

Tayshia: Date 1 rose

Demi: Date 2 rose

Caelynn: Date 3 rose

Hannah G: non-pageant Hannah

Heather: never been kissed virgin

Kirpa: Where have you been, girl?

Hannah B: Pageant Hannah

Katie: WHO?

Elyse: The one who is in her 30s

Sydney: WHO?

Cassie: One who cried because she didn’t get the shopping date

Nicole: No clue.

Final Rose Tonight:

Onyeka: Totally forgot about her.

(I swear I fell asleep through most of this episode)


Tracy: The ‘cougar’ according to Demi.

Courtney: The ‘cancer’ of the house according to Demi.

More next week! Stay tuned!

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