Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Find Your Bench

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Find Your Bench

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Find Your Bench

The final episode of Bob Hearts Abishola takes us seven years in the future. Christina is freaking out while Dottie tries to calm her down. Christina’s daughter Maxine is there for an appointment and wants to go home, so Dottie tries to bribe her with ice cream and money, much to Christina’s chagrin.


The doctor comes out…and it is none other than Abishola! She gives Maxine a hug and takes her in for her appointment…as Doctor Auntie. Dottie asks her about Botox, which gets her shushed.


Goodwin is in the office when Bob meets him. He gives him the final payment for the company, leading to a cake and champagne celebration with Douglas and Kofo, who are COO and CFO, respectively. Goodwin thanks him and they all celebrate Bob, by singing Goodbye Forever to Bob to the tune of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.


Bob goes to visit Abishola, who takes his blood pressure. He jokes about playing doctor and says it feels weird being retired. He calls her Doctor Sugar Mama as they discuss his retirement. He wants a purpose and she kisses him, telling him to write the book he always wanted to write, called Woven…a metaphor for socks. They make some puns….for which she wants credit.


Dottie plays cards with Tunde and Olu, bantering the entire time. Tunde now has a mustache, which he jokes puts a spark into their marriage.

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Bob comes in, taking audio notes for his books. They all banter over the ideas and metaphors and discuss what the book will be about.


Abishola meets Gloria for lunch….at the food truck run by Kemi and Chuey. The happy still-married couple bicker as always as she makes him get the ladies food while she chats with them. Gloria and Lester booked a trip to Italy, while Kemi continues to yell at Chuey….all while snarking on Abishola’s dream of going to Italy with Bob one day.


Christina meets with Abishola, worried about Maxine swallowing a truck wheel. Maxine says that it rolled away and Abishola believes her. However, she does a just in case exam, which freaks out Christina.


Christina is grateful for her, but freaks out when Abishola says she wants to go on vacation. She invites herself, even though Abishola says they will be fine.

Dottie is writing a book, despite snarking on the fact that Bob was writing one. He has writer’s block, while Dottie is on a roll….part memoir, part tell all and a lot of sex. Bob is freaked out and walks away.


Dele facetimes Abishola to talk about his show, which got a five minute standing ovation. She wants him to get another job when the show closes, but he wants to decompress. As he starts to hang up, she sees a woman with no pants and freaks out.


At church, Abishola helps a member with a splinter, which delights the family. Tunde admits he announced in the church bulletin that she is one of the top ten doctors in Detroit.

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The pastor asks Abishola for some help, while Ebun delights in the fact that she is married to him.


Bob and Tunde have a sweet moment as Bob opens up about not being able to write the book. Tunde comforts him as they get food.


Bob and Abishola meet at their bench for the first time in years. They reflect on how much have changed, but how the bench remained the same. She wants to carve their names in it, but he says it is illegal. They cuddle and talk about how important the bench is….giving Bob the idea for his book: Find Your Bench….about finding one place where you can let it all go.

The show ends with a montage of the show’s sweetest moments.

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