AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/29/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/29/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/29/2024

We are at the AGT Fantasy League Semi-Finals. Two acts will advance via Golden Buzzer, while one more will advance via audience vote. Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell judge, while Terry Crews hosts.


Matthew Barry is also there to announce…what is happening, I guess?


Kristy Sellers—Howie

She is back with another pole dancing act, this time inspired by her son. He is autistic and loves climbing on her poles. She talks about his life before going into an incredible act that has her controlling the weather as she saves the world. It is such a different kind of act, but somehow, she still manages to share a part of herself as she performs.

She gets a standing ovation…and the judges think it is perfection.


Loren Allred—Simon

Tonight, she performs her own version of Over The Rainbow….and WOW. Judy Garland would be proud….that is the best version of the song I have ever heard since the original played in Wizard of Oz….I am shooketh by how amazing she performed.

The judges think she sounded beautiful and think America will fall in love.


Aidan Bryant—Heidi

He decides to up the danger tonight. Heidi worries that he might get hurt, but he is determined to take it to the next level. He manages to spin, twirl and fly in the air, while making it all look effortless….WOW.

The judges are speechless by how well he performed… the point where MEL STEALS HIM BY GIVING HIM HER GOLDEN BUZZER!!

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Tonight he does a rendition of You Were Always on My Mind. It isn’t quite as good as his initial performance, but there is something so special about him. He has a way of making people pay attention to his act….he commands the stage like nobody’s business.

The judges think he is a class act and compare him to Michael Buble.


Anna Deguzman—Howie

She does another magic act, this time using cards with the help of Mel and Howie….and Terry’s wallet. She makes money appear out of nowhere and makes new faces appear on the cards. It is cool, but kind of….basic. It isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. She also makes some digs at Mel, which was kind of uncalled for.

The judges are upset she kind of made fun of Mel and felt the act wasn’t that impressive.


Vardanyan Brothers—Mel

They balance on a platform that raises in the air, using their backs and shoulders as part of the act. There are also swords in their mouths and blindfolds, which make it even scarier. They mess up at one point, but they still manage to do well.


Mel wishes she had her Golden Buzzer, while the others are impressed with the craziness of the act.


Ghetto Kids—Mel

These kids have so much energy and fire in their act. They sing, they dance, they take selfies at the end…there is something so cute and innocent about them. I don’t know if they will make it to the end, but they certainly have a future in the business.

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The judges are quite impressed with them and love their joyous nature.


Kodi Lee—Simon

He does another original song, which Simon thought was a turning point in his career during his audition. He dedicates the performance to his mom, his hero. There is not a dry eye in the audience and probably in America. Everyone is chanting his name….his mom is beaming with pride…..oh, and by the way, HOWIE USES HIS GOLDEN BUZZER TO STEAL HIM!!!


Preacher Lawson—Howie

The act opens with him dancing to the song We Are Family and continues with joking about dating, moms and his dad. It is an upgrade from his usual routines and he makes me laugh from start to finish.

Howie wishes he still had a Golden Buzzer while the others agree he did a good job.


Pack Drumline—Simon

What a way to end the night! This is one of my all-time favorite acts and tonight they remind me why. They have everything—power, drumming, dancing, energy….it is the best act of the night and possibly the season.

The judges love it and think they can win.


Only one more act can move to the finals….Loren, Pack Drumline and The Vardanyan Brothers are in the top three.


Third place—Vardanyan Brothers

Second place-Loren



More next week, stay tuned.

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