Masterchef Junior Recap for Magic Castle

Masterchef Junior Recap for Magic Castle

Masterchef Junior Recap for Magic Castle

-Masterchef Junior has a magic theme tonight, complete with a show from the judges and it takes place in Magic Castle!

-There will be a team challenge. The winning team will be safe, while the losing team will lose at least one member.

-Chef Ben is on hand for tonight’s challenge.

-Remy is captain of the red team. Miles, Asher and Alfred are on her team. They make filet mignon with carrots and mashed potatoes.

-Michael is the blue team captain and has Jordyn, Lilo and Bryson on his team. They make pork chops with sweet potatoes, candied pecans and collard greens.

-As the kids cook, the judges go around and offer advice, help with cooking and give commentary.

-Before long, it is time for the judges to taste test the food. The blue team’s food is too cold with the glaze being too thick. They are told have to fix it before it is fit to serve.

-The red team’s steaks are under seasoned, too cold and unevenly seared.

-The teams continue to cook, and before long, it is time to for the service to begin. However, both teams seem to be struggling with getting food out and served properly.

-The judges go around, helping the teams and getting feedback from the service guests. It is a mixed bag in consistency and how the food is cooked….for both teams. Chef Ramsay gives the captains a good talking to and sends them to make better food.

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-The blue team runs out of pork, while the red team makes too many filets.

-Bryson is so upset and keeps apologizing for messing up. Michael thinks the both of them are going home.

-The blue team wins!

-The judges now need to choose who will go home from the red team.

-Sadly, it is the end of the line for Miles.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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