Young Sheldon Recap for A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs

Young Sheldon Recap for A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs

Young Sheldon Recap for A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon talking about biographies and what he would title his own. He knows though, if he wants to write one, he needs to get his papers polished and perhaps even a teaching position in his school. President Hagemeyer talks him down, but he continues to argue that him being associated with East Texas Tech would be a good thing. She reminds him and herself that he has 54 days left.


Later on, she talks to Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter about the situation. They read his work and realize Sheldon is more brilliant than them, which makes her question her own faculty.


George and Mary babysit CeeCee for Mandy and Georgie. They are going to see Ace Ventura, but Mandy is planning on taking a nap. Mary tells them to go to dinner, but they want to save money. Mary tells George to give them money because she wants more time with the baby since they no longer live together. George questions this and the fact that he is called Grampy.


Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis read more publications and realize that they are not as smart as they realized.


Mary and George play with CeeCee when Missy comes home, wanting another ear piercing. They say no, even though Heather just got one. She storms off and they agree they miss when she was younger.

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Dr. Sturgis goes to visit Sheldon to help him understand string theory, only to see Dr. Linkletter already there. The two men argue and accuse the other of sneaking around.


Later on, Mandy and Georgie pick up CeeCee after the movie. She says she had better naps and he says the movie was funny and it is why soda shot out of his nose. Mary has a hard time letting go, making George wonder if she wants a baby. She says Georgie is out, Missy is distant and Sheldon is leaving. George tries to get Missy to hug her but she says no.


George tells Tom and Wayne about Mary’s possible baby fever and they tease him about becoming a zombie like another friend. Tom suggests a vasectomy, leading to a debate on the topic.


Sheldon tutors Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis the way he was tutored in Germany. Neither doctor is amused, but Dr. Sturgis says he is good until 7:30 in terms of tutoring.


Mary looks through Sheldon and Missy’s baby book. George wonders about her baby fever and questions her about it. She says she doesn’t want to try for another but will consider it a happy accident. He goes to get a vasectomy, but is told there is a three week wait….until someone chickens out. He now has an appointment.


Sheldon calls MeeMaw for advice about how to handle teaching the doctors, but is rude, so she keeps hanging up on him. She tells him to be patient, but he continues to be rude, so he keeps hanging up….but calls back to say he loves her.

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George is in pain after the procedure. Wayne, who picked him up, tells him to tell Mary and gives him a hard time about the situation and even purposely drives over speed bumps.


Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter agree they can learn and there is no shame in needing help, but wonder why it has to be Sheldon, who, for his part, works on patience. They all find a way to agree together.


George puts a bag of frozen peas on his groin area, grossing out Missy. Mary wants to take care of him, but he refuses, pretending he just has a pulled muscle.


Sheldon and the doctors finally find common ground during tutoring.


Mary tells George she doesn’t want a baby because CeeCee is more than enough, making George feel guilty. She gets him another bag of frozen veggies as the episode comes to a close.

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