Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for My Michelle Obama

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for My Michelle Obama

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for My Michelle Obama

The episode opens with Bob complimenting Olu’s soup. She asks who else wants to give her praise. Tunde does, but Ebun snarks about since she couldn’t help. Abihsola says maybe Ebun can help next time, which leads to everyone snarking about who helps and how many beers Bob drank.


Ebun continues to harp on the cooking issue, which leads to more fighting with Olu and her snarking over the smell of the food.


At church, Tunde and Olu are talking about the food they brought when Ebun comes in with her competing dish. This causes tension between the family and the sisters to fight again. Bob even ends up burned from trying to grab the dish mid-fight.


The pastor comes over to say hello and gets dragged into the fight, but he is more interested in talking to Tunde. He wants him to be deacon, which delights Tunde, who wants to give a sermon. The pastor tells him he doesn’t give sermons, but he is unmoved.


Abishola tries to ease the tension by reminding them they are in God’s house, while Bob says it is just rice. Everyone gets upset over this and things get more tense when Olu and Ebun try telling people to try each of their dishes.


Later on, Bob helps Tunde buy a suit. Tunde wants a purple suit, which Bob makes fun of, saying it makes him look like a jellybean. Tunde urges him to try on a suit, which Bob resists at first. He finally puts one on and is thrilled to see how he can fit into suits he never could wear pre-weight loss. The two of them share a sweet moment and hug.

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Ebun is cooking okra stew when Abishola comes in, complimenting the smell. They reminisce on how things were in Nigeria when Ebun hosted meals. They decide to host weekly dinners….on Saturdays per Ebun’s request.


That night, Bob shows off his new suits and talk about Ebun’s dinner, since Olu wants them over the same night. They finally agree to go to both, but Bob says if he gains weight again, it is on her.


On Saturday, they go to Auntie’s after eating dinner with Ebun. Bob tries to spray Binaca in his mouth to mask the smell of the food, but ends up using Abishola’s perfume instead.


Tunde and Olu try and force them to eat more than they can manage since they are so full from before. Bob feels super full, but tries to eat. Tunde tells a bible joke when Olu gets a text from Ebun, showing Bob eating her food. Bob tries to lie, but the gig is up… least for Bob, since Abishola lies and says she was at a hockey game.


The next day, Olu and Tunde get ready for church. She finds his suit sexy and delights on being ‘his Michelle Obama,’ hence why she is not cooking. She also decides not to cook because of Ebun, but Tunde tells her to be the bigger person. Tunde says that at least he was deacon for the day since he might be out due to the fighting.


At church, Ebun makes sure everyone eats while Bob and Abishola apologize to Tunde. The pastor compliments the service and invites Tunde to join an after-service church tradition with cigars.

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After Tunde leaves, Ebun joins Bob and Abishola, saying they love her food and Olu is too sensitive, which is why she wasn’t at church. This causes a fight which results in Abishola storming off and Bob respectfully blaming Ebun.


Abishola goes to talk to Olu, who is still upset over the whole food situation. She wants to keep tradition, but Olu is unmoved. She thinks she is no longer needed, but Abishola tells her that is not the case. Olu is happier, but says when she and Tunde are old and move in with her and Bob, they will get Ebun’s bedroom.


Ebun goes over to Olu’s to apologize, and the sisters make up, all while Ebun shares a cooking secret, which Olu steals. As they cook together, Abishola comes in and gets shooed out of the kitchen.

She shares this with the guys. Tunde says they will need a bigger house if they all move in together….as the episode comes to a close.

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