Young Sheldon Recap for Baptists Catholics and an Attempted Drowning

Young Sheldon Recap for Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning

Young Sheldon Recap for Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning

The episode opens with Missy drinking coffee. Mary asks her why and she says she didn’t get sleep last night due to people doing it. Mary starts to apologize, but Missy says it was Georgie and Mandy. She is grossed out and leaves, with George coming in, looking for breakfast and wanting to know why she is mad. Missy declares the house has thin walls.

Mary and George discuss Mandy and Georigie having premarital sex in their house. George has no issue with it, but Mary does. She then goes to talk to Georgie and Mandy about it and getting married, but they say there is no hurry.

Mary tries to argue about it when Sheldon and Evan come in to get Sheldon’s computer. Mary is upset they interrupted the conversation.

Georgie says they should just get married, much to Mary’s delight. Sheldon asks if he has to be best man, but Georgie says no, even though Sheldon is the best and a man. He agrees to do it, but the others aren’t sure. Evan wants to go, but they all say no.


Mandy tells Audrey and Jim about the wedding and debate over having it at City Hall vs. a traditional wedding. Jim leaves to let the ladies talk and they finally come to an agreement, despite Mandy thinking there is a catch.


Everyone gathers at the Cooper house to discuss the wedding. The men bond while Mary and Audrey fight over a Baptist wedding vs. a Catholic wedding. The guys stop their bonding over beer to see what is happening as the two ladies continue to fight, resulting in the McCallisters leaving.

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Later on, Mary complains to George, who just wants to eat in peace. Mandy and Georgie come home for dinner and wonder where the McCallisters went. Mary tries to explain what happened, but Mandy thinks Mary is trying to get her to take her side. The argument escalates to how they are going to raise CeeCee and if she will get baptized.


The next day, Mary calls Pastor Jeff to baptize CeeCee. They are almost caught by Missy, but she is luckily not interested in what they are doing.


Mandy and Audrey go shopping and discuss the wedding. The subject of the church comes up again and Mandy reiterates that she doesn’t care about the religion CeeCee is raised with at this point. Audrey convinces her to try on a sweater and gets CeeCee baptized by her priest, giving him a tip for his troubles.


At another dinner, everyone gets along with neither woman knowing about the baptisms.

Sheldon comes home angry that Evan upgraded his computer. He storms off, mad he has no room to go into. Jim wonders if he will be okay, with Adult Sheldon saying he has a hot wife and Nobel Prize, so he turned out fine.


Later on, Mandy and Mary chat while doing the dishes. Mary confesses to the baptism and upsets Mandy, who tells Audrey in a fit of anger. Audrey confesses to her own baptism, making Mandy even angrier, with Jim wisely not getting involved.


Mandy tries to talk to Georgie about it, but he tries to remain diplomatic, leading to an argument and him saying she sounds like her mother. She storms off.

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Sheldon is on his new and improved computer when Georgie comes in to crash with him. They talk about the situation with Mandy, but Sheldon makes it about himself and his new smarter computer, confusing Georgie.


Mandy talks to Dale and MeeMaw about the situation. They both listen and try to offer ways to help when Georgie shows up with flowers. The two of them make up and decide to get married at City Hall…..despite Dale wanting a nap. They decide not to invite the parents… the episode comes to a close.

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