ICYMI: Night Court Season One Finale Recap

ICYMI: Night Court Season One Finale Recap

ICYMI: Night Court Season One Finale Recap

The episode opens with Dan (John Larroquette) bailing Abby (Melissa Rauch) out of jail. She is worried about what will happen, but he thinks that if anything, she will be fined.


Jeff (Kurt Fuller) is also there, making sure everyone is being charged correctly. He goes into the courtroom, where everyone is chanting Judge Stone Sucks. He says not to mind if he joins in.


It turns out Abby is being charged with a felony, so she, Dan and Rand try to figure out what to do. Gurgs (Lacretta) comes in and says she is not allowed to be in there while she is on trial. Abby understands and leaves.


Dan goes to work on the case, leaving Rand (Pete Holmes) with Gurgs and Neil (Kapil Talwalkar) in the cafeteria. As they chat, Abby talks to Olivia (India de Beaufort), who is now working with Jeff and must prosecute Abby. This makes things awkward because Abby wants her to be her character witness. Olivia laughs in her face.


Abby continues to look for character witnesses when she runs into Louise (Carol Mansell), who is wearing a wire…..getting a confession on tape. Jeff, dressed as a janitor, tells her he will use this against her.


Dan gets wind of everything, but ends up fighting with Abby. After he storms off, Abby plays catch with Rand and talks everything out. They also realize they are growing apart and break up….hugging it out as she returns the ring.

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Jeff and Dan are in court bantering when Abby comes in, apologizing to Dan and reminding him that they are in it together.


The case begins and things seem to be going bad for Abby until Neil, Rand and Gurgs show up for moral support. Several people, including those she sentenced, Neil, Gurgs and Rand all speak on her behalf.


Olivia also ends up defending Abby even though it might cost her her job. Abby is grateful and they hug.


Dan also takes his turn and talks about how Abby changed his life.


Louise has a random meltdown, but the judge dismisses the case on prejudice.


Gurgs ad Abby have a heart to heart about the Dan leaving, while Dan talks to Olivia. Dan and Abby also end up talking, with her giving him a goodbye gift…..his very own gavel for when he is judge.


The gang begins a new case….without Dan…..who is back in Louisiana as a judge. His first defendant is none other than his old friend Roz (Marsha Warfield)…..as the season comes to a close.


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