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Night Court Recap for The Roz Affair

Night Court Recap for The Roz AffairNIGHT COURT -- "The Roz Affair" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) John Larroquette as Dan Fielding, Marsha Warfield as Roz -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/NBC)

Night Court Recap for The Roz Affair

This week’s episode of Night Court on NBC opens with Dan going to the holding cell to talk to Roz after her arrest. She is there because she threw a bouncer through a window….and held on to the ponytail as to not destroy evidence. The two of them go back and forth over him helping her and catching up on life.


She is now working as a PI and about to be married to a woman named Loretta. As she is released, she thanks Dan for nothing and reminds him that he promised to be right back in 1997 but left, never to be seen again. He finds two drinks behind the fire alarm and gives one to her as a peace offering. She quips that he remembered her favorite drink—free.


Back in court, Abby is working on a case with a man who was ‘under a court bench sniffing butts.’ After she sentences him, she gets flowers—to her, from her. Olivia comments on this and Abby tells her that she is focusing on dating herself on  a count of all the changes in her life as of late.


Olivia finds this strange and goes to talk to Gurgs, who is still on a high from her trip to England—making references and talking in an accent. As they discuss what is going on in life, Olivia talks about her life as a sports agent….which is not going well.

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Flobert joins them to hand over the new case and comments on how curling is a real sport. As he walks away, Olivia wonders how long he will be there since he gave her a grilled cheese recipe. Gurgs wonders what to call him and he says that they can call him Flowbee thanks to an incident he had with a vacuum. He then asks for the recipe back.


Abby and Gurgs discuss how it is temporary because Neil moved away. She says that at least she hears from him, unlike Dan, who only called her due to a butt dial. She continues to show off the gifts she got herself when Dan returns, dressed in casualwear.


Abby is stunned to see him….only to find out he is there due to destruction of property and is under arrest. He tries to explain things but ends up arguing with Roz about what really happened. Abby recognizes Roz from old pictures from her dad….and she recognizes her as Harry’s daughter.


Roz and Dan recount the incident, which was to spy on Roz’s fiancée Loretta. He followed her everywhere, including to yoga class, where he stole her phone and found evidence of something. However, he ends up dropping the phone on her head and causing a ruckus as he left. Roz is mad that he didn’t stick to the plan, and they argue. Abby calls them both into her chambers.


In the chambers, Abby talks things out with them, only to find out that Roz was insecure about her relationship due to Loretta’s history of cheating. Things get uncomfortable and Roz leaves, leading to Dan and Abby to argue over him leaving until he walks out.

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In the cafeteria, Gurgs is still talking in a British accent and drinking tea with her colleagues. Olivia joins them and shows them that she knows what a baseball is thanks to her new job. Flobert asks her to join them, but she claims to have more work to do. She ends up running into her client Doug, who feels duped by her as an agent. He storms off.

Abby is waiting for Loretta when Dan comes back and offers to help. He thinks she should flirt with Loretta, which leads to Abby showing her inexperience with flirting. The two of them continue to rehash the fact that he left when Loretta arrives completely confused.


That night, Dan is at home when Roz shows up and tells her that she and Loretta patched things up….and that Loretta was planning a special surprise for the wedding. They bond a bit more before she leaves and promises an invitation to the wedding.


Olivia tells  Gurgs her sports agent career is over and how she feels lost. Gurgs tells her that she understands and that she never really went to England because she was too scared. They have a bonding moment and go to lunch….but not before Gurgs gets a call from the Duke.


Dan tells Abby he hates Louisiana and how he feels lonely. He agrees to come back, but only if she quits dating herself. They hug it out as Flobert says goodnight (calling Abby Blanche) as the episode comes to an end.

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