The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/16/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/16/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 6/16/2024

-Teresa screaming that John is a drug dealer and then calling him a loser is so on brand for her.

-I didn’t realize that Teresa had a gift for Joey and wanted the Fudas to give it to him. It is sweet….but odd.

-Danielle’s daughter has more clothes at six than I have at 40. As an aside, those pencil socks are adorable.

-Aw, Dolores, Gabby and Valerie get together every week. So cute!

-Lolli the dog is dying, it makes me so sad for the Catania family.

-Paulie wants to start an electrician business with Dolores….even though neither of them know anything about the business….and he has no clue how he wants her to be involved. He also won’t marry her….GIRL, RUN!

-It is so nice that Louis and Teresa have the barber come to do Nick’s hair at the house and the barber seems so sweet.

-Rachel seems to be a hands-on mom. I had no idea her daughter struggled with developmental skills and it seems like she is working hard to help her get the help she needs.

-Joey and Melissa seem to have VERY different ideas about what to do at the party. She wants classy and he wants more fun.

-Bill seems to be so checked out of all this drama. He does not care at ALL about the drama Jennifer is talking about.

-The Joey cardboard cutout with a lemon covering his penis is….a choice.

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-They removed the lemon so now Joey is on display….on display….

-Those lemon drinks look amazing.

-Melissa somehow still got the gift from Teresa and is PISSED about it. She says she doesn’t even want the karma from it in her home. All righty then. I’d be happy for a peace offering bottle of booze, but that’s just me.

-Everyone is being real shitty about Teresa’s gift.

-Of course, we have to rehash last season’s drama….so much for a peaceful party.

-Jen F is right, maybe Teresa is trying to extend an olive branch.

-Whoa…the card went into the fire. Not at all surprised.

-Hi, Tiffany! No clue who she is, but hi just the same!

-Ugh, everyone is fighting and getting involved in this stupid drama with Teresa, who isn’t even AT the party.

-What does Jackie’s book have to do with anything at this point? Are they just naming random topics they can fight about just for the sake of fighting over random shit?

-I honestly have no clue why these women are fighting over random stuff from seasons past…I have no clue who Lina and Laura are, nor do I care.

-Jennifer and Danielle are fighting over a charity event we never even saw that Jennifer somehow wants credit for….even though Danielle is the one who ran it? Is that what is going on? Because I am so confused.

-Now we have a fight over not tagging someone on social media? WTF is happening here?

-Apparently, Margaret said that Jackie said that Dolores is a slob and Margaret is making fun of Dolores and Paulie.

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-This whole episode what brought to you by middle school girl drama.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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