Masterchef Junior Recap for Under the Sea

Masterchef Junior Recap for Under the Sea

MASTERCHEF JUNIOR: L-R: Contestant Remy with Gordon Ramsay and Tilly Ramsay in the “Under The Sea” episode of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR airing Monday, March 11 (8:00-9:00PM) ET/PT on FOX. CR: Greg Gayne. © 2024 FOX Media LLC.

Masterchef Junior Recap for Under the Sea

-Tonight’s Masterchef Junior on Fox has an Under the Sea theme!

-The kitchen is all decked out for the theme and it looks gorgeous.

-Tilly is dressed as a lobster, Aaron is dressed as a pirate and Daphnes is dressed as a mermaid.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay is dressed as a scuba diver.

-Mystery chest challenge! They will be cooking with seafood…which will be determined by what is in the chest. In addition, they must add seaweed to it….but not the batch that is thrown on Chef Ramsay.

-Asher has halibut. He is making it with a coconut curry. His father was on season 8 of Masterchef and is none other than Sean! He never got a white apron, but I do remember his audition.

-Lydia has seabass. She is making fish and chips.

-Remy has squid. She makes a fried po’boy sandwich.

-Jason has mahi-mahi. He is making a remoulade for a mahi-mahi sandwich.

-Lilo has baby octopus. Her dish is a special family recipe of octopus tacos.

-Kristell has lobster. She makes a lobster pasta.

-Alfred has prawns. He is making a chowder to represent his life in North Dakota, where he says they need warm soups.

-Jordyn has amberjack. She is using it to make a tostada.

-Michael has salmon. I miss what he made.

-Bryson makes a tuna steak.

-Miles has clams and mussels. He is making a fettuccine dish.

-The winner will get a seaside vacation with their family and safety.

-Bryson burns his rice vinegar and feels the pressure of getting his dish done in time.

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-Some of the dishes go by too fast to figure out what they are making! It is frustrating!

-Lilo spills some of her dish, which stresses her out.



-Alfred’s chowder is flavorful and comforting.

-Jordyn’s tostadas are phenomenal.

-Asher’s curry dish is gorgeous and fun with different flavors.

-Asher wins for the night and the special vacation to the beach. All three of them are safe.



-Kristell’s lobster dish is overcooked, but the sauce has a nice flavor.

-Jason’s mahi-mahi sandwich is under seasoned.

-Lilo’s octopus tacos are a bit rubbery.


Sadly, it is the end of the road for Jason. He is crying, which is making me cry. The girls hug him and tell him it will be okay.

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