The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Snark and Highlights for 3/13/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Snark and Highlights for 3/13/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Snark and Highlights for 3/13/2024

-Kathy’s reunion dress is GORGEOUS! She looks amazing.

-Since when is Kathy the grand dame of Beverly Hills?

-It is so sweet Kathy is there to support Kyle despite their ups and downs.

-These flashbacks are making me so sad.

-What happened to Sutton? According to People, she had bronchitis and was exhausted and dehydrated, but I hope she is okay!

-They are taking her to the hospital….this looks serious.

-Okay, they are taking her to lay down.

-Kathy is texting and chatting with Erika through this…..and thinks this happened so Kathy couldn’t go after her.

-I am so glad Garcelle is with her and giving her food. What a good friend.

-I didn’t know there was all this bad blood with Mauricio and Rick Hilton.

-Sutton is going to the hospital and Garcelle is going with her. That is a good friend.

-I am so glad Kathy and Kyle seemed to have patched things up.

-Finally, we are getting to the stuff about Kyle and Mauricio.

-Has Annemarie said anything tonight?

-I understand Kyle doesn’t want to get into specifics about what happened with Mauricio, but to me, it seems like they drifted apart.

-Tons of couples did just fine when one of them did DWTS. I can see being a bit jealous but saying you never would have okayed it is a bit extreme too.

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-If they are separated, then they are allowed to date other people, no? I understand why she would feel weird seeing the skiing pictures or the Emma pictures, but if they aren’t together, there is nothing she can do.

-That being said, seeing Kyle like this really breaks my heart.

-How did Crystal get sent stuff about Kyle and Morgan….and why?

-The ladies all thought Morgan and Kyle are together.

-Going to the doctor with a friend seems like a decent thing to do. I’d take my friends to the doctor if they needed it.

-Basically, everyone suspects something was going on with Kyle and Morgan, but never said anything until now?

-No matter what went on, is going on, it isn’t right to force Kyle to come out if she doesn’t want to.

-Morgan and Kyle are NOT a couple, but Kyle loves her. However, she isn’t sure if she can see herself with Kyle.

-Merce’s ashes are there too? For real? I thought Andy was joking!

-This reunion was completely useless.

-Sutton is going to be fine!

-Kyle saw Morgan in concert and is separated from Maurico while living under the same roof.

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