Masterchef Junior Recap for 12/10/2023

Masterchef Junior Recap for 3/18/2024

Masterchef Junior Recap for 12/10/2023

-Chef Gordon Ramsay as Santa , Daphne Oz as an angel and Aaron Sanchez as a snowman is the cutest thing ever!

-Each kid gets a special gold apron to wear for the duration of the competition.

-Colbie reminds me of Violet from General Hospital.

-Tilly Ramsay is on hand to help judge…..broken foot and all….dressed as an elf.

-The kids will all need to cook a traditional holiday dinner using proteins they find in snowmen.

-Mina is making a Japanese rice bowl.

-Emerson can’t fins a small spoon, so he tries to use a big one until Chef Ramsay helps him find him.

-Did Emerson seriously call himself an idiot sandwich?

-Landon is making chicken thighs with latkes with the help of his stuffed toy Camo.

-Elijah makes a Haitian dish called soup joumou.

-Emerson starts getting overwhelmed with the pressure.

-Lorenzo makes branzino with fingerling potatoes.

-Xiaowan is making dumplings. She is a sassy one and I love it.

-Zarah makes salmon with veggies and potatoes.

-I love the banter between Tilly and Chef Ramsay.

-Zarah runs into issues with her salmon and must start over.

-Emerson has only been cooking for a year and considers Chef Ramsay to be his inspiration.

-Colbie always adds her favorite ingredient–love–to all her food. Her chicken and corn dish is something her Go-Go (grandma) taught her how to make.

-Rae is making a surf and turf dish.

-Time to judge!

-Xiaowan’s ground pork dumplings: it is a delicious, beautiful dish.

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-Elijah: His soup joumou with beef chuck is very flavorful and well-balanced.

-Mina: Her ground chicken Japanese rice bowl is a bit bland, but the pickled cucumbers on top were delicious.

-Rae: Her surf and turf with lobster and ribeye is well-seasoned, but the ribeye is too rare.

-Landon: His chicken thigh with cranberry sauce and latkes is cooked perfectly.

-Colbie: Her honey chicken with southern fried corn is delicious and next level.

-Emerson: The salmon is delicious, despite being overcooked, but the couscous could have used more seasoning.

-Lorenzo: His branzino is cooked beautifully.

-Zarah: Her salmon is undercooked, but the Indian flavors and potatoes made the dish.

-Elijah just eating his food without a worry in the world is such a mood.

-Colbie, Xiaowan and Lorenzo are the top cooks of the night. Colbie has the top dish and wins some OXO goodies for her kitchen.

-Zarah, Mina and Emerson are all sent home. They are all in tears and it breaks my heart. Everyone gives them hugs and tells them to keep cooking.


Hour 2!

-They are all making pies. There are three teams: Colbie and Lorenzo, Elijah and Xiaowan and Rae and Landon.

-Each team will need to make as many pies as possible topped with whipped cream ,sprinkles and cherries. Whichever team makes the most pies will win a prize, while the others will need to participate in an elimination challenge.

-The teams seem to be a bit overwhelmed, but still having fun.

-Colbie eating the cherry she said they couldn’t use was so cute….and so me.

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-The judges give the pros and cons of each team’s pies and declare Landon and Rae the winners. They are in the semifinals. They also get to shove a pastry in a judge’s face. Rae chooses Chef Ramsay, while Landon chooses Aaron.

-The other two teams will cook in the elimination challenge.

-The elimination challenge has the remaining cooks making their own savory pies. The winner will get Staub cookware and the bottom two will be going home.

-Landon and Rae enjoy hot chocolate with the judges while the others bake their pies.

-Lorenzo is making empanadas, which he says is a handheld pie. He adds several different spices to make it stand out.

-Colbie is making a savory pie with ricotta and veggies that sounds absolutely delicious.

-Elijah is also making empanadas. His are with beef and a secret sauce.

-Xiaowan is making a chicken pot pie with Chinese spices.

-Chef Ramsay joins Rae and Landon for some hot chocolate and ends up spilling it. Rae quips that he needs a sippy cup.

-Xiaowan is running out of time, so Chef Ramsay helps her finish cooking.

-Judgment time!

-Elijah’s empanada is delicious, but the potatoes are a bit undercooked.

-Lorenzo’s empanada is colorful, but the mixture did not cool down properly. However, it tastes good, despite being a bit greasy.

-Xiaowan’s chicken pot pie has undercooked pastry, but the filling is delicious, despite being a bit dry.

-Colbie’s garden vegetable and ricotta tarte is delicious and almost perfectly cooked.

-The judges deliberate and decide that the winner of the challenge is………Elijah.

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-Colbie is also in the semifinals, with Xiaowan and Lorenzo going home.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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