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Masterchef Junior Recap for 12/11/2023MASTERCHEF JUNIOR Backplate © FOX 2022

Masterchef Junior Recap for 12/11/2023

-Masterchef Junior Home for the Holidays returns for the semifinals and finale in this special edition miniseries.

-Daphne Oz reads the remaining kids A Masterchef Carol and introduces Chef Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez as the Ghosts of Past, Future and Presents, respectively.

-Aaron has PRESENTS that contain mystery boxes. The kids will have to make a meal out of what is in the box.

-Landon is the one who got crickets and eats one…..saying it doesn’t taste so bad….but they don’t eat them on Florida.

-They all have one hour to make a dish out of their ingredients. The winner will get a luxury trip to Mexico.

-Tilly being able to roast her father with her costume is hysterical.

-I like how Rae offers to help Colbie carry her basket. The kids are always so sweet to one another.

-Elijah makes fried chicken with slaw and okra succotash.

-Landon is making street steak tacos with guacamole and cricket salsa.

-Rae is making crawfish and sausage jambalaya.

-Colbie is making spicy shrimp and grits.

-Joe Bastianich shows up as Joe-benezer Scrooge. He gives them all coal….which is actually dark chocolate. It needs to be used to make chocolate chip cookies in addition to their dish.

-The kids are not happy with this because they barely have time to finish their original dishes.

-Colbie eats the chocolate….and the judges wonder if she will have enough for the cookies!

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-Landon makes chocolate chip Hanukkah cookies.

-It is a mad dash to finish, but in the end, everyone is able to get both dishes done.

-Rae: Her cookies are a bit undercooked, but the jambalaya is delicious.

-Elijah: His chicken is perfectly cooked, but the dish is unbalanced in terms of salt and seasoning. His cookies were also undercooked.

-Colbie: Her shrimp and grits are perfectly cooked and her cookies are beautiful.

-Landon (and Camo!): His street steak tacos are unevenly cooked and the guac is a bit brown. The salsa is very spicy. The cookie was also the best of the night.

-Rae wins the challenge and trip to Mexico.

-Elijah and Colbie are also in the finale, with Landon (and Camo) going home.


Hour 2!

-The final three cooks enter the kitchen to make one last meal to impress the judges.

-All three of them get a montage as they enter the kitchen and see their families.

-The eliminated contestants all return to wish them luck.

-The winner will get $25,000, a trophy and tons of kitchen goodies.

-The first round is making an appetizer that they would eat during the holidays. Colbie is making deviled eggs, Elijah is making pigs in a blanket and Rae is making mushroom pie.

-Before long, time is up and the judges and families must taste the food. The judges all give the pros and cons of each dish.

-Dara Yu is in the house! She was a finalist on Masterchef Junior 1 and won Masterchef Back to Win. She is on hand to help as needed.

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-Entree time! Colbie is making steak with sides, Elijah is making salmon with plantain  and Rae is making venison and veggies.

-Dara helps Elijah with his salmon, but only has one minute to assist him.

-Rae asks Dara for help tasting and salting her food.

-Dara helps Colbie rice her potatoes.

-Everyone is impressed with Colbie’s flambe.

-Elijah burns his tostones and worries if he has time to make more.

-Before long, it is time for the entrees to be tasted. Each dish is given pros and cons before the judges deliberate.

-The winner of Masterchef Junior Home for the Holidays is…….RAE!!! Congratulations!

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