Night Court Recap for Chips Ahoy

Night Court Recap for Chips Ahoy

Night Court Recap for Chips Ahoy

The episode opens with Abby presiding over a case with a Popeye impersonator, defended by Dan. Olivia gets sassy about it, while Abby gives him his sentence.


Gurgs gushes over having a boyfriend over Fleet Week and rushes to be with her significant other, while Dan thinks he is playing in a poker game during Fleet Week, thanks to Flobert, but it is only a volleyball game with Old Navy. This causes an argument.


Wyatt tells Abby Emily Blunt is a superior Mary Poppins, but he wants to find a way to get out of the next case, which is trying the PTA president Jasmine. She comes in with a name dropping attitude and is on trial for opening an unauthorized food stand. Dan defends her by saying it was for the kids, while she says if she doesn’t run it, kids will end up in art club like Jeremy M, aka Wyatt’s kid. She gets community service and the court takes a recess.


In the cafeteria, Olivia flirts with Navy men. Flobert sees her and shows her how to get what she wants by pretending to be hungry to get food from said men. Meanwhile, Dan overhears men talking about not having a place for a poker game and weasels his way in. Gurgs reprimands him for this, but he convinces her this is a good thing and he can get her in…..and she can test her faith to the duke she is dating. She finally agrees to it.

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Later on, Abby convinces Wyatt things will be fine with Jasmine, who opened up a bake sale for her community service in the cafeteria. When she sees Wyatt she ropes him into getting lemon bars and upsets Abby for mocking her ruling.


Wyatt admits he authorized the sale, which upsets Abby even more. She tells him to stand up to her (with the help of a basketball arcade game) and he tells her he won’t help make the lemon bars. She is shocked that he stood up to her and says it is fine, leaving him confused.


At the game, Gurgs serves drinks (while staring at the men) and lectures Dan about taking their money. He offers money to the one with the most tattoos, but they must show them. Gurgs runs off because the hotness is too much.


Flobert continues to help Olivia see her worth with a story about how he began with a paper clip. She is confused, but willing to listen to his advice.


Jasmine comes back and kisses Wyatt because she was turned on by his assertiveness. Abby is left even more confused.


At court, Olivia shows off her scooter to represent her ‘big potatoes’ Flobert told her she was worth, while he shows her….literal potatoes.


Wyatt is happy about Jasmine, who continues to try and tell him what to do, while forcing him to wear striped ties and get a new job. Abby doesn’t like this and tries to tell her this, but Jasmine is upset her friend didn’t heart her text.

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Abby tries to get Wyatt to tell her he made a mistake, but Jasmine comes back to try and make more decisions for him.


Gurgs, who is still turned on by the sailors, is at another poker game with them, Dan and Olivia. She claims she is over it, while Dan and Olivia try to work on their own issues.


Jasmine goes to talk to Abby, who is drawing her dream cat. They end up going tit-for-tat telling stories about overcoming things in life and not backing down. They decide to duke it out with the basketball arcade game.


The poker game continues with Dan dominating….until one of the sailors ends up with a win. Gurgs is proud of herself for not picking up men during Fleet Week, but Olivia reminds her Wrestlemania is coming next week.

Flobert comes in to tell them about the showdown.

Everyone is watching the game…with their money on Jasmine winning due to her college and Olympic basketball experience. She is indeed winning until Flobert tosses Abby a potato, which she throws into the basket. Everyone cheers while Jasmine declares she needs to focus on her basketball.


Wyatt thanks Abby for allowing him to stand up for himself as the episode comes to a close.

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