The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 3 Recap for 10/27/2021

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 3 Recap for 10/27/2021

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 3 Recap for 10/27/2021

The third part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo opens with Kyle and Kathy talking about their relationship’s ups and downs. They joke that Andy is like a psychologist with the way he is having them open up, but overall, are happy that they are closer than ever.


We then get into Crystal’s time on the show, as well as the verdict on her ugly leather pants. Sutton admits it is not her favorite, while Kyle, Dorit and Lisa admit that they would wear the infamous pants.


Crystal also talks about the infamous coat incident and how it accumulated from them not getting along from the first day of the trip.  She admits she did feel violated and felt as if her feelings were being policed.


The topic changes to racism nd the ‘I don’t see color’ incident. Crystal says she was a little more understanding when Kathy said it because the tone of the conversation was different. She also tears up when talking about her father and how she is being bullied online.


After a talk about fashion, the topic switches to the funny Kathy-isms we have seen all season. She also talks about her kiddos growing up in the Waldorf Astoria, which makes me realize the girls were the living embodiment of Eloise.


Finally, finally….we get to more of the Erika drama. She tells Andy that he should ask the ladies who are for and against him, which leads to Kyle trying to defend herself. Erika then goes into how hurt she was over everything, especially the party with Kyle, Mauricio, PK and Dorit. She says she was very hurt when she saw the episode, but Kyle says that they do care about her. Dorit chimes in, saying that they were never trying to make a mockery of her or her situation.

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Erika tells the ladies that none of them are legally tied to her situation, but their names might be mentioned in articles. Sutton tries to say they wanted to know details, which leads to an argument about what Erika could have done or said.


Erika then starts screaming and carrying on about how she didn’t know anything, but everyone calls her out on not ever mentioning the victims. She claims she did everything she asked, but Andy calls her again by saying she is acting like a victim. Sutton agrees, which leads to another argument.


Kyle calls Erika out on her Instagram posts, which leads to Erika screaming at her as well. Andy tries to help Erika see that her behavior is problematic, but Erika refuses to listen, still claiming she is innocent.


Garcelle says that maybe Erika refused to see the signs because she was living an amazing life, while Crystal wonders if Erika is even angry at Tom. Erika keeps trying to defend herself,  but Andy keeps calling her out on everything. She asks if she is angry enough for everyone….but we will have to find out to see what happens next. Stay tuned!

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