The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/17/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/17/2024

-Sassiest teenager….I’ll get the world record. Phoenix is hilarious…..however, if she can out-sass me, I’d be surprised.

-Sutton has the coolest refrigerator.

-Not having a lot of food in the fridge means nothing. Maybe she really needs to go grocery shopping. Maybe she has a trip planned and finishing up stuff before she leaves, jeez.

-I am glad Sutton is on Kyle’s side regarding Mauricio not being at the memorial.

-Homeless Not Toothless makes a return.

-Garcelle referring to herself as an esophagus police is the best!

-Sutton is so lucky to have Crystal and Garcelle….and that Crystal (maybe a doctor now, thanks to her research via Google) is going so hard for her.

-Annemarie saying she is a doctor and then saying she has another, completely different job (albeit in the same anesthesiology field) makes me agree with Crystal…what else is she lying about?

-This gala planning actually looks like a lot of fun.

-I am glad Dorit and PK are connecting more, but I still worry about well being.

-That bracelet Jeff gave Crystal is so cute.

-I love my brother more than anything in the world, but I would never talk to him about my friends licking each other’s feet.

-It makes me so sad that Jeff is spending more time in Bangkok, but I understand.

-Rob’s Brave Little Toaster event sounds like more fun than the gala…..and I never even liked that movie.

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-Mauricio and Kyle are so uncomfortable to watch.

-Is Erika hitting on her dentist?

-Comparing an esophagus to a vagina is a choice….

-Marcellus is like….I am leaving this drama….

-No ma’am….no ma’am….yassss queen!

-Sutton is standing up to Annemarie and not taking her shit, go girl!!!!

-Annemarie accuses Sutton of lying, but is lying herself. Pot, meet kettle.

-Fight, fight, fight!!!! Come on, Crystal, hand Annemarie her ass!!!

-Oh, honey, Crystal does NOT resent you. She is married to a legend….you are married to a problematic dude.

-Let’s hear about the homeless and not toothless people. Oh, Sutton.

-I just can’t with Annemarie and her lies and bullshit.

-And yes, a small esophagus is absolutely a thing. I knew a guy who needed surgery for this in 6th grade. I forgot about it until recently, but I remember our Sunday School teacher praying for him an bringing in treats to make him happy. Also, Google is your friend, honey!

-Come on, Kyle… have done worse at events… you not remember your vagina mopping splits? Getting drunk and fighting with people? Calling someone a bitch is nothing compared to this.

-Taylor Dayne is in the house! Love her!!!!

-Erika wanting to wear her robe on the airport is such a mood.

-Everyone is calling each other out for the fighting at the gala.

-Kyle, no one is going to get over this, especially since Annemarie can’t take accountability for anything she did.

-Erika’s robe looks so comfy.

-Sutton coaching Annemarie through an apology is something.

-Armpit buddies? What?

-Are they friends now, for how long?

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-Whoa…..this fight escalated quickly.

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