The Bachelor Recap for 1/22/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 1/29/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 1/22/2024

-Another year, another Bachelor season. This time, we get to see Joey Graziadei find love after his relationship with Charity ended.

-Are we doing this season Memento style where we watch it backwards? Because that would be REALLY cool.

-No such luck. We get a snippet from the final rose ceremony with him having a meltdown over sending someone home, walking away and a rewind to Charity’s season, where he was rejected. Seriously, they need to do a backwards season one year….it would be so much more entertaining.

-Joey with his family talking about his journey to find love and apologizing to his sisters for having to see him make out with girls on TV.

-Shirtless Joey playing tennis….a photoshoot for the show…Joey dressing up for the first night meeting the ladies…..Jesse Palmer meeting him to give him a pep talk….nothing we haven’t seen before.

-I am four years younger than Jesse….why does that make me feel so old?

-Joey will have 32 women meeting him tonight. Jesse seems to think that he is making history. Um….man on the moon=history. Civil Rights Movement=history. Dude meeting 32 women on a TV show? Not so much.

Limo entrances. 

-Lexi thinks he has beautiful eyes. She is from Canada and lives in Atlanta currently. She wants to be a mom, but found out recently that she may not be able to have children of her own.

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-Rachel is an ICU nurse from Hawaii. She gives him a lei….the real one, not the one that confused Chrissy and Stan on the Golden Girls.

-Maria is also from Canada and is over casual dating. She has a heart to heart with her dad before leaving. She also gifts him a Canadian flag.

-Were there only three girls in that limo?

-Erika dances with Joey.

-Autumn jokes about how she is going to be his favorite season.

-Kelsey A gives him a voodoo doll.

-Chrissa says this is her yes year.

-Several other entrances go by quickly, Chandler, Marlena, Starr, Taylah, Nat, Sandra, Sam, Allison….the latter who draws their names and hearts in her intro video. What in the seventh grade is up with that?

-Allison is Lauren’s little sister….Lauren makes her entrance next and their titles for jobs are being each other’s sisters.

-I forgot that Lea got a mystery card when she met Joey at the ATFR. The card will be opened later tonight.

-Katelyn brings him a science experiment to prove they have chemistry.

-Kelsey T is happy he is the Bachelor.

-Jenn shows up in her own go-cart doing donuts.

-Jess shows up on a truck with a boat attached to it.

-Edwina gives him spicy food, Samantha gives him dough, Taylor gives him a huge bra for massive support, Kyra screams, Zoe has him choose a banana he resonates with, Kayla does tennis grunts.

-Evalin shows up in an umpire chair.

-Sydney, Madina (who spills tennis balls) and Daisy are next. Daisy talks about losing her hearing at 17 and getting cochlear implants.

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-Lea arrives with the mystery card….which she will open later.

-That’s not 32 according to my calculations, I probably missed a few since the whole thing went so fast.

-He mingles and kisses the girls….same as every cocktail party.

-The sisters have a rivalry because of course they do.

-Jess enjoys her wine after her Joey make out session.

-Jenn and Joey go-cart race and make out.

-Jess and Taylor have drama over time with Joey/stealing time with him.

-Lea finds out her card contains the chance to steal a one on one. She declines, throws the card in the fire and gets the first impression rose….and respect from the ladies!

-Evalin ends up crying before the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony!

-Lea is safe with the first impression rose.

-Allison–little sister

-Daisy– cochlear implants…and a really interesting backstory–she is my favorite so far.

Kelsey T–Kelsey 1

-Lexi–no clue

-Jess–boat girl

-Jenn–go-cart girl

-Autumn–season girl

-Chrissa–no clue

-Edwina–spicy food girl

-Kelsey A–one of two Kelseys

-Katelyn–no clue


-Erika–the dancer

-Madina–no clue

-Sydney–no idea

-Starr–no idea–barely saw her

-Marlena–barely saw her either

-Maria–from Canada

-Taylor–drama with Jess

-Evalin–empire chair girl

Final Rose Tonight

-Lauren–big sister



-Chandler–Barely saw her, but I wonder if she was named after girl Chandler on Friends? (one of the triplets)

-Sandra–did we even see her? I just remember her dress was FIRE!

-Kayla–tennis grunts

-Kyra–no idea

-Lanie—I have no idea…did she just show up for the rose ceremony? I never even saw her in the intros?

-Nat–no idea

-Sam–no clue

-Samantha–tough luck for Samanthas tonight? Both of them got eliminated

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-Talyah–gave him some sort of card in her intro

-Zoe–banana girl


More next week, stay tuned.

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