Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 1/18/2024

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 1/18/2024

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 1/18/2024

-The first challenge has our finalists make a meal after a supermarket run to get the ingredients they need….racing each other through the entire thing.

-Twist! They are not shopping for themselves, but for each other…..with the names being revealed under a sticker on the cart.

-Nobody is happy with this twist….and snark on the ingredients/shopping styles of their fellow competitors.

-Before long, it is time to present the dishes. After Chef Ramsay gives the pros and cons of each, Johnathan’s dish wins. He gets to host a pop-up event and a two-night adventure to Florida. He chooses Ryan as his travel partner.

-Sammi and Carmen will be cracking coconuts back in the kitchen.

-The guys make their adventure into a bromance date with food, champagne and jet skis.

-Before long, it is time for the dinner service….everyone is in a tizzy and fighting. Chef Ramsay isn’t helping matters by adding sabotage to the mix.

-The whole thing seems like a mess, but it seems like the sabotage is a way to make sure they are paying attention to orders?

-Johnathan seems to be in a better frame of mind than he was last week and is thrilled that Chef Ramsay is recognizing his hard work.

-The sabotage makes things tense in the kitchen and causes Sammi and Ryan to fight over raw lobster.

-Things finally get under control and the dinner service is a success!

-Now Chef Ramsay has to make the tough decision to eliminate someone. As he deliberates, the final four discuss why winning would mean so much to them.

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-Ryan is the first one to make it into the finals. Johnathan is next, followed by Sammi.

-Carmen is eliminated, but Chef Ramsay tells her to reach out once she has more experience….and to keep the jacket.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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