The Amazing Race Finale Recap for 12/13/2023

The Amazing Race Finale Recap for 12/13/2023

The Amazing Race Finale Recap for 12/13/2023

The final episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Seattle. All three teams leave in the order they arrived at the Pit Stop and race one last time to get to first place.


Rob and Corey are in the lead and at the top of the Space Needle, where they will have to walk to get their next clue. Both teams are hot on their heels, so they will need to work fast to stay ahead. Once they are up on the Space Needle, they will attach themselves to a harness and rope to get the clue.


Corey and Rob finish first and must head to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Once there, they will have to complete three tasks. Grunge has them working as roadies for a grunge band, Glass has them mold melting glass and Grab has them to a trapeze act. They can do them in any order.


Greg and John pull ahead and do the glass challenge first, with Joel and Garret right behind. Rob and Corey are at the grab challenge. Corey is able to do it quickly, but Rob struggles. He finally gets it after six tries.


Both teams at the glass challenge struggle, but Joel and Garrett finish first.


Rob and Corey head to the grunge challenge, followed by Joel and Garrett. John and Greg continue to struggle.


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John and Greg finally finish the glass challenge.


Joel and Garrett have to set up the stage for the grunge challenge. Corey and Rob are trying to find the location, as are John and Greg.


Joel and Garrett struggle and think they missed something for the set up. As they try to figure it out, Rob and Corey get to the location and begin to set up.


Joel and Garrett continue to struggle at getting the set up done correctly.


John and Greg are also at the grunge challenge, putting everyone on an even playing field.


Joel and Garrett finally get the set up done and get a performance from the Smokey Brights. They head to scramble and have a model airplane for no apparent reason.


The other two teams continue to struggle but help each other without the other team realizing they are actually helping.


Rob and Corey finish and get a performance from the Black Tones. They go to the glass challenge.


John and Greg freak out because they know they are in third place. They finally finish and get a performance from a band called La Fonda. They head to the grab challenge.


John and Greg finally get to the grab challenge.


Garrett and Joel finish and get the final clue.


Rob and Corey struggle with the glass challenge, while John and Greg work at the grab challenge. They start off strong, but struggle during the second one. They finally finish and get the final clue. The teams are heading to Kenmore, Washington.

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Rob and Corey finish the glass challenge and also head to Kenmore.


It is a mad dash to Kenmore with all the teams on an even playing field. Once they arrive, they have to do a memory game which consists of them lining up kayaks in chronological order based on what happened in each leg.


Joel and Garrett arrive first, followed by John and Greg. Even though Joel and Garrett are there first, John and Greg have better memories and speed through the challenge.


Rob and Corey finally arrive but are way behind.


John and Greg finish first and head to Marymoor Park for the win. Joel and Garrett are hot on their heels.


Joel and Garrett end up in a drive thru to get directions and maybe a burger and fries?


Both teams are neck and neck with all the teams waiting for them.








That is a wrap for this season, congratulations to the winners!

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